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    Thanks Andrew for your feedback. I think I will look into microphone options, and keep working on my finger positioning too.

    Sheryl, I loved your composition and beautiful playing, and your description was lovely too.
    And Holly, your clawhammer style is great. I was excited to see the lesson recently posted, especially since I also received a banjouke from Santa.

    Thanks again to all,


    Thanks Lisa, had technical difficulties yesterday when I was trying to record. Ended up slicing that take out of last weeks practice recording. Lucky I had it!


    I’m so impressed with all the original compositions!


    We had 30 members participate this month! Stephen and I were blown away by everyone’s performances! And for those of you who wrote an original – WOW!!! – we were so impressed by your songwriting talents 🙂

    This month’s prize is 2 hour long Skype lessons, one taught by Stephen and the other by me. So without further ado, the winners are:



    Our February Challenge is LIVE: We’ve got a BRAND NEW Theme for this month and we’re giving away a NEW PRIZE: a $149 Banjolele! Hope to see everyone in the challenge!


    santai – Beautiful playing! There’s really nothing I can suggest other than normal “listen back / targeted practice” stuff you already know. But what I do want to say, is that you showed an excellent understanding of the different rhythms used in this piece – which is the hardest part of this tune. Well done!

    BTW – sorry to hear you were sick, hope you are on feeling better!

    ukeher – Wow! Amazing job! This song is a workout for the left hand and you did phenomenal on all the barre chords. One thing you do want to incorporate is putting the swing into the rhythm beginning on Theme 3. But again, truly awesome! Way to rise to the challenge, bravo 🙂

    ukukelley1 – That’s a really beautiful tune, Sheryl. I really like how you developed the harmony, which built the piece up, the second time through. The B Melody is great, fits perfectly; well done!

    You know this song has a bit of a Hawaiian vibe to me, and maybe a touch of the classic song vibes with the harmony (think: stand by me, my girl). I really dig it.

    Keep working on the C melody – you’ll flesh it out. And def, keep writing!

    holly1 – I love it! I I think it’s really cool how you can study a style and be so inspired by it that you create your own tunes. Well done!

    becky7777 – Your recording has such a haunting vibe with the EQ, I love it! Sounds like a scary movie soundtrack 🙂

    The only thing I can suggest is to focus on keeping the timing a little bit more consistent. But overall it was awesome, great job!


    Yay! Thanks! And to think i almost didnt make it in time this month. I will have to think about what I would like to work on. 🙂

    Thx for the comments Andrew, yes clawhammer has really inspired me. I love the rhythmic sound. And dead buggy, lisa, and Karen- I’m glad you liked it. I would be happy/honored to share the tabs with you.

    I’m excited for this month’s challenge for sure! Thx Rc101!



    Congratulations Holly and Karen!


    @Andrew -Thank you, I’ll see what I can do. I was shooting for trying to play a warped “broken” feel in the 1st part with the slide downs. Supposed to sound like it was a music box or something running down. Not sure how to accomplish that.

    Since that wasn’t supposed to be the entry not sure if the slide up to the steam organ circus part made it in offhand… I was trying to make it sound like the “tape”/record sped up there… When it’s not 100% humidity i’d like to re-record and see if I can get closer to what I was shooting for.

    Recording fluff below, if you care. Otherwise not important.

    That’s almost entirely just RAUM btw. I LOVE that reverb plugin with the mic! I need to stop using it or I’ll end up using it like the Franks Hot Sauce slogan. Greensleeves was default Airy and E19 was a tweaked down Airy setting. (I think, it was practice..) Same effects can be added as RAUM adds, but you need multiple, instead of just 1 that does it all in a cool way.

    I used the tracks built in 3 position eq line thing you pull around in FL Studio under track 1 and 2 pre recording, to get rid of a little hiss and “parametric eq 2” post, to drop the #2 high freq to get the fans, and electric noise down a little more. Dropped a low one a bit to try and get rid of the woofy bass noise that shouldn’t be there but it’s diffuse.. I have no idea how to use the eq properly to nix all the hiss from the overly sensitive mic without squishing it really bad.

    It took me almost a year and a half to figure out, but I finally got recording volume just by activating recording with channel 1 AND 2 at the same time…. (Yes, I’m THAT stupid. Sigh.) I had no idea that’s what the 2 channel interface meant. At least you can hear me now without cranking everything to 100. Thank you for adding 19 to the challenge though!

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    Congratulations Karen and Holly! Have fun with your lessons!


    Andrew – Thanks for the encouraging words! Congratulations Karen and Holly!!!

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