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    Hi everyone, all your compositions are lovely, well done! I wish I had had time to do my own but exams got in the way.

    So here is Grace’s Lullaby, which is a beautiful piece. I decided to record it only once, as usually I have to record multiple times to get one I’m totally happy with. My right hand form is still a work in progress too!


    @mweir1 – Wow, Mairi! Sounds like you’ve been playing A LOT since I last heard you. Amazing progress and beautifully played. I’m impressed, keep up the great work 🙂


    @mweir1 – ohh, and for right hand, see if you can straighten it up a little bit more. But you’re on the right path with that!

    (For others reading this, here’s our form guidelines for the right hand.)


    Such a great idea to give the community the chance to submit their own compositions! I really loved what I heard this month. 🙂

    The real challenge for me was, to decide and partake at the challenge at all. Having been sick for some weeks (my longest ukulele break since I took up playing in February last year) I ran out of time. But I decided to push through and still give it my best shot.

    So here is my rendition of Grace’s Lullaby:


    Here is my entry for January. This song challenged (and continues to challenge) me on so many levels – lots of new techniques for me! Definitely a work in progress. Still glitches I have to work on. So slow still but getting there!
    The other challenge is sharing it on YouTube. I uploaded it successfully but haven’t been able to ‘share’ it. Any hel would be appreciated. For the time being I have uploaded it as a video link (not through YouTube). Another lesson learned…. don’t wait until the last day of the challenge to post if you haven’t done it before 😁
    Thank you Andrew for all the encouragement you give to everyone!
    Mary Ellen


    Here is the YouTube link:


    Hi Mary Ellen. On youtube you have to set it as with public or unlisted to be able to share the link. Then just click share, copy link, and paste the link into your message here, so special fuss needed. Most of us go unlisted so all of YouTube can’t see it but people with the link can.


    Ah, you got it. Sounds great! Very chill and mellow. Thanks for sharing.


    Wow! Such beautiful playing this month, and amazing original compositions. I really enjoyed listening and am amazed.

    My song is a work in progress… In the third melody I work my way up the neck and then get lost trying to get back down again, but I’ll do some more work on that.

    I’m thinking of calling it “Song for My Daughters Far From Home”. It begins sad and sparse – the sound of missing them – then repeats with some rhythm and chords. In the second melody, there are happy memories. In the third melody (that runs up the neck but I didn’t bring back as I wanted to) the idea is that they are grown up and figuring out their own beautiful lives and are healthy and happy… [This is how it’s supposed to work, Mom, so be proud and happy for them!]. And I guess it ends with repeating the initial part acknowledging my feeling of missing them and longing to be together again.

    Some day the title and the playing might cover that without the paragraph – but the skill level is not making that happen yet.



    Ok, So I almost didn’t participate in this month’s challenge. I was focusing on clawhammer the last couple of months rather than the usual fingerstyle. But a few days ago I started to tinker around with making a clawhammer song myself, so, here I am last minute putting this up on youtube. I recorded this with only a few takes, and do wish it was a bit cleaner, but that’s one of the beauties of the clawhammer style, as it seems to have a very free/loose feeling (at least in my opinion.) I used my ukulele, instead of the Little Gem Gold Tone banjolele I got for Christmas. I like the soft sound from my uke better, the little gem just isn’t sounding how I want it too at the moment, not sure why really? I need to make some adjustments to it, maybe better strings?? Anyhow, here is my song, and I even created the tab for it in Guitar Pro 7.5 which was fun to do, and made creating the song very easy and fun.



    Thankyou @Andrew for the feedback on my video. Am going to work on my Uke position and form.

    Loved seeing everyone’s video and really appreciated all the great suggestions.

    Can’t wait for next month 😃


    Sheryl and Holly — I love those compositions and your playing! I want to learn both songs.


    Holly, amazing! A clawhammer original, you’re ahead of the game. That’d be a great one to learn.

    Becky, well done!


    All the original songs sound amazing!

Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 129 total)
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