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    bethany_guardiani – Great job on this one! You have the timing and notes down, and almost all of the nuances in the piece. If you have time, I would go through now with the intent of playing everything as smoothly and super connected as possible. The original performance of this arrangement is super legato. Once you can get those finger shifts to have even less space between them and slide a bit smoother, the piece will have the right feel. You’re doing a wonderful job, keep it up!

    brettboy – I love the surfing Stitch towards the end, that was a nice touch! You are doing an excellent job on this one, and your percussive playing in the middle sounds great! When you come back into the melody after that drum section, the pick-up to the melody comes back in on the upbeat after beat 3. If you count through the rhythm in measure 25, you’ll get it. Awesome work on this one!

    katazumiri – Fantastic job! You played the notes and rhythms with a very comfortable and legato feel. You are ready to speed the tempo up at this point. Excellent job!

    joelnal – Very nicely done! You’ve got the right notes, you understand the rhythms, and the percussive part was pretty good! I think working on things like this help to build strumming speeed while relaxing the wrist. Your strumming arm/wrist looks a little bit tense, so practice this at a slightly slower tempo with the goal of a more fluid, loose motion. Then build back up to this tempo. Then it’s just getting a few of those chord shifts in time. Keep up the great work!

    bibilele – You sound great on this one! As far as the tapping harmonic at the end: You have to be very precisely over where the harmonic is (the 12th fret itself…the actual piece of metal), then hit it like the hammer in a piano would, or think like a drum stick – your finger has to bounce off of the string quickly to not mute it. Keep up the great work!

    lhamilton – Excellent job on this, you’ve got a great feel, the timing, and the notes. I have just one suggestion: On measures 9 and 10, don’t slow down quite as much…the three downstrums in measure 10 should be fairly close in tempo to Melody C right afterwards. It’s a small detail, but it helps to keep the flow of the song. You’re doing great, keep it up!

    misterbones – You’re doing a great job on this one! Even your rendition of the ending lick was very nice! The main spot to spend a bit more focus on is the transition from the end of the melody into the percussive section. The timing was a little bit different in that one spot, but you recovered nicely after that. Keep it up, with a little more practice you’ve got it!

    karenj – Great job on this one! You are very close, and there are only a few hesitations to work out. I recommend comparing it to a few other takes to see which places you hesitate on consistently, then isolate those few measures to practice the transitions where the hesitations occur. Other than that, you’ve got it! As far as getting high notes in tune: it could be that your ukulele has intonation issues up high…have you tried playing it on a different ukulele? If that’s not the case, it could be that you are slightly bending the strings by accident when you go to push down certain notes. Practice those sections clearly and with intention, and you’ll get there. Keep up the great work!


    Wow! Thanks, Stephen! It was definitely a fun song to play for this season.



    Summertime! Love the laid-back feel of this song. Some stretching shapes are still hard and no resgueado yet like Steven’s performance, because every time I tried to add it, I forget what’s next to play… But anyways, fun to learn and thanks for the arrangement!


    @lisadmh The song sounds more summertime with the ambient talking and laughing! Great work!


    Hi Andrew. I’m Rahfael. I’m 13 year’s old and I love watching your videos on YouTube. I’ve been playing the Ukulele for about 4 months and already can play some advanced level songs. I’m a huge fan of your work and especially love Matt’s teachings and artistry. I’ve chosen to play “Summertime” for I’m not a premium member and it’s a wonderful song ( your arrangement and the original). Anyways I hope you enjoy my performance(s) of Summertime and good luck to those in this contest. Rahfael.


    @Stephen thanks a lot for your feedback! As for the tapping: that’s what I tried. Damn it, now I have to try harder. 😉


    Thanks for the feedback Stephen! I will definitely do that. I appreciate it!



    Mahalo, for the great challenge with this beautiful song. It was written for the instrument and the instrument was developed to play these sorts of songs.


    I have submitted Summertime earlier on and this is my second take. I followed the tab player and found it extremely useful. Thank you for highlighting the importance of using tab player. I also practiced eight bars each time. I hope there is little improvement compared to the previous one. Appreciate any feedback😄


    I love the location Sheila 🙂


    Thanks Robin. I like it too😝


    Here’s my attempt at Summertime. Not perfect but I’m so pleased that this is just the third take – usually my nerves get the better of me and I end up recording 50 plus takes! So hopefully I’m finally getting used to the camera and getting over my stage fright. It’s only been 18 months to get to this point!!


    Not the best recording due to background noise and it being quite quiet. Unfortunately I’m won’t be able to try again tonight. So, this is my best attempt at summertime.


    Hi guys!
    Here’s my July entry with Summertime by George Gershwin.
    Such an amazing arrangement! I really enjoyed playing it!




    Submitting ‘Summertime’ for this month and embarrassed to say this is the work of literally the last 2 days. Not at all where I want it to be. I have been traveling and haven’t had much time to learn/play, however because I love this song and especially this beautiful and cool arrangement (thanks @Steven), I promised myself I would learn it for this month but continue to perfect it beyond today!

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