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    I’m a premium member

    Here is “Axel F” This was a good excercise in timing for me! Thanks both Stevens for the arrangement and the bass track.



    I couldn’t pass the occasion to learn this beautifully expressive piece (thanks @Matt! for this amazing haunting arrangement) and more so on the baritone even though it meant adapting it for low G 🙂

    Performing it with the right feel is harder than it seems!


    Hi Marianne,
    That sounds beautiful on the baritone!
    You have such good technique with your entries.
    I recently acquired a baritone and was wondering, when you said you adapted this piece for low G, how did you actually do that? Did you just use the same tablature that Matt wrote it in?


    Thank you so much @annemarie!

    And yes I did use Matt’s tablature but just altered it slightly where the score had notes on the low G string! Either by:

    1) playing it as written with the deeper G sounding ok as part of the full chord in places where it doesn’t sound dissonant (example: measure 2 Bbmaj7 chord)
    2) or finding the alternate to those notes on the 3rd and 4rth string –where possible (where it makes sense with the fingering that comes before/after) in places where you actually need to hear the higher octave not to ruin the melody line (example measure 10 first half of beat 3)
    3) or omitting to hit the low G string altogether in moments where it sounds bad (example measure 1, beat 2: Fadd9 chord)

    Hope that makes sense!!


    @lyndallk – That was awesome, Lyndall! Nice tight playing with Stephen! The only thing I want to mention is in measure 3. The second time you hit 1 on string 2, you’re holding that note too long. It should be a quick 16th. Also, it sounds like that’s pushing the last 3 notes back by an 8th. If you can shorten that 1 on 2, the remainder will fit into place. Try looping bar 3/4 in the tab player to correct this timing issue.

    – Beautifully played, Marianne! This is a tough tune to play with the phrasing and rubato feel. So I get where you’re coming from with the comment on feel. I think your phrasing of the verses are excellent. The chorus is the section I would focus on in your practice as there’s a couple sections that sounded a little rushed or slow. Since you’re playing it on baritone, you can actually play along with the record as is. Try slowing down the song on YouTube and following along with the track and her vocals. That’ll be a fun way to practice flow and feel 🙂


    Hi Everyone!

    I am a premium member.

    I’ll be travelling this month and, though I’ll be taking my ukulele with me, I wanted to get a video submitted before I left. Here’s my rendition of Yellow Submarine.



    I am a premium member.
    I attempted to get a “perfect” recording of this because the arrangement is so beautiful I felt it deserved it. Then my daughter reminded me the whole point of the song is that you don’t have to be perfect.


    @planetfink, that was so, so beautiful! You captured the emotion to that song so much. 😊

    All the other takes on that song are also very beautiful! With @marianne on the baritone, very lovely. And all the other entries so far, too. 😊

    What Was I Made For? is also the song I’m going to try this month. I did follow the link to original song that @Andrew posted and that really got to me, big time. I haven’t seen the Barbie movie, but just listening to the lyrics, it’s something I can really relate to – maybe interpreting the lyrics differently. Anyway, Matt’s arrangement is so beautiful, hoping I can handle some of those chords changes. 😅


    @The_Bumble_Bard Thanks. I really worked hard to get the emotional feel. Billie Eilish sings the song with a breathy voice and I tried to get a little of that tone. I love Matt’s arrangement.


    @planetfink, the emotion definitely carries through! I’ve now listened to Billie Eilish’s original a few times, absolutely beautiful performance, but the emotional weight of the lyrics is almost too much for me to keep listening to, so I’ll just try to focus on the Barbie / ukulele side of things more. 😅😂 But yes, you captured the emotion of it perfectly. And I love Matt’s arrangement, too. 😊 The chorus is kind of tricky to memorize and play – I just finished initially learning it. 😂


    I am Premium Member

    So many feels in this song…..amazing arrangement too.

    Great entries so far everyone! Now to try and get Axel F under my fingers 🙂



    I am a premium member

    I chose Axel F because I wanted to see what recording with a backing track was all about. Managed to get it figured out somewhat. I haven’t played along with a backing track since the days of Jamey Abersold on vinyl! I was happy with my song selection here, but after hearing the early entries for What Was I Made For, I am definitely going to work on that next. Cheers!


    Thanks Andrew. I’ll give that a go. I didn’t notice. Appreciate your feedback.


    I am a free member!

    I played Yellow Submarine – I’ve been learning Ukulele for about a month and a half now, so I’m firmly a beginner, and this is my first time sharing a video of myself playing anywhere! I found myself getting excited and rushing through the chorus and had a lot of trouble throughout with buzzing and sometimes muted strings – hence the face I made at the end of the video haha. However, despite having a ton left to learn around timing and precision, I had a lot of fun trying to learn this song (it’s the first “solo” style song I’ve learned) and especially enjoyed getting lots of practice on barre chords.

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