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    Congratulations erino7!!!!!! 💖

    Thank you for the feedback Andrew.

    Seriously kind of funny though, I literally said to myself this month “I’m NOT worrying about trying to count, or a metronome. I got this.” -Pretty sure I rationalized it as the song being about feel, not timing. The second I started Rose. ROFL!!! – Busted!

    I will totally try working on timing. Sadly was/am blind I was far off base. Counting while playing uke is NOT a thing I do well. I used a metronome as a crutch to count the rhythm for me for a long time. Aka majority of the song is 8th notes, metronome would be set to 8th notes so I didn’t have to 1&2&.. and could just play on its beat.

    It didn’t help I totally changed the song either for weeks. I realized the error of THAT, but too late. “Take it and make it your own.” Doesn’t mean make it a totally different song every time I play it. After I memorized it, it got out of hand. (But it was fun. Not going to deny that.)


    @robinboyd your wrist looks much natural now (I have the same problem…cant resist to twist a little bit), Congra on the high note! you did it!

    @Becky, TT sounds really really sweet! Is it a KOA model?


    Thanks @hotmilktea. I think half the issue with the wrist was the camera angle. It made it look much worse than it really was. I’ve started shooting headless, which makes the wrist issue much less prominent.


    Thank you so much, Andrew for your invaluable comments. I’ll work on each of them with patience. Cheers, Sheila


    I love the harp duet! So pretty. And also your version at the beach!


    I just want to say thank you again for the feedback. I learn not just from the comments directed towards me, but also from the feedback and tips you give to others. I am impressed by the time and effort you put into this. Thank you Andrew and the Rock Class 101 community.


    @karenj – my pleasure! I’m humbled to be able to help 🙂


    Thank you becky7777 and Andrew for your encouraging words!
    It’s fair that my submission couldn’t be included in the raffle – and I don’t regret that I still pushed myself to do so. It was well worth the effort and got me really motivated. 🙂

    For now, I’m already practicing for April’s challenge – and am incorporating your hint to loop only a few measures to improve on the timing and transitions.
    Also, all the advice to other players is really helpful for myself, too!
    So, thanks again!

    And last but not least: Congratulations to erino7!!

Viewing 8 posts - 106 through 113 (of 113 total)
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