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    Wonderful Johanna!




    Curse you Andrew! Although I would have been thrilled with this a few months ago, you’ve raised my standards (LOL) and I see and hear lots of areas for improvement but, it’s the end of the month, so here it is!




    Thanks @abaluyot



    Here Comes The Sun was the first song I learned on Rock Class 101, I was hooked!
    For this month’s challenge I picked When I’m 64, an uplifting, fun song to play!
    Kelly Blackburn, PREMIUM MEMBER



    Thank you, Rickey!



    Hallo folks!!
    I tried to learn If I fell.. The problem is that I’m a rogue player and it’s a so delicate song.. My uke is too much crispy.. Andrew is able to play his ukulele like a carillon. I can’t do that. So, this is my rogue version of a delicate song.




    Hi everone!

    I got my ukulele for christmas and found this precious page. It is great for learning 🙂
    So, I decided to participate and learn “Here Comes The Sun”:

    Recently, it has been raining pretty often around here, so I figured this is the perfect song to play haha.

    Oh and




    I am a Premium member
    I be sixty four year next month.

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    Happy early birthday Joe! 😁



    Linking Reminder to everyone since linking took me a while and many people new to challenges post near the end of the month.

    1) Remember to copy the link from the “share” button under a youtube video, make sure this link is on it’s own blank line so nothing but the link is on the line.

    Same goes for SoundCloud. There is a “share” button or menu option for your track that contains a link like YouTube’s above. Copy that, and paste it in it’s own line. The video or audio track magically appears in here once you hit submit.

    2) Stay aware of the forum time, vs. your time zone too if you post the last day. Cut-off is midnight rockclass time the last day of the month.

    Not sure if this will help anyone but good luck!



    I remember this scene from 55 years ago like it was yesterday. Ironically, really struggled to remember Andrew’s arrangement. And still struggle to remember what verse I’m on. My first full month on this site, I had no business taking on a Level 4 song. Got all the way up to 75 bpm with Andrew (starting at 25) before I realized how terrible I sounded on my own. Back to square one! Have made considerable progress, considering, but still this post aptly demonstrates virtually every issue Andrew is trying to help us overcome. Trying to address all these issues is like playing whack-a-mole. Trying hard to not be frustrated, but rather happy with the journey so far. This scene is kind of an it’s-going-to-be-ok moment between John and Ringo. Would try to think of that while playing, then would totally lose focus. Amazing how frustrating this can be, and it’s all self-inflicted and totally addictive!
    Have a good holiday everyone, and if you’re in a heat wave like I am, don’t forget to hydrate.



    Lildevil- I’m laughing at your comment because after watching your video you’re playing it so much better than I am. 😂 If you’re a demo of the opposite of everything Andrew’s trying to teach us, then I’m a complete train wreak! So sorry in advance Andrew or Stephen!!! 😉 lildevil your comment made me laugh though about the self inflicted addictive frustration. I can totally relate!

    BTW – I want your ability to hammer on with your pinky skipping a fret by that nut! I have literally 0 strength that far away. I end up having to pick that note 99% of the time because it’s silent otherwise lol. You nailed that 1st tricky part with that pinky at the end like a pro in my opinion. The rest was pretty great too so good job!… Oh, and you’re not an example of the opposite of everything we’re being taught btw unless I’m in some oblivious stage of learning and can’t hear or see it all, which I suppose is entirely possible but probably unlikely. 😁 👍



    You’ll get there Becky. It just takes time. It wasn’t that long ago that I was struggling to get any sound at all with natural harmonics and now I’m trying to pick out a melody entirely with artificial harmonics!



    becky777 – Thanks Becky. And you’re right. I’ve made a lot of progress, and between this community and my yoga class, I’m trying to embrace the journey and be proud of where I am today. Have always been a bit anal and a perfectionist. And you know what they say about being our own worst critics. I worked really hard on playing smoothly and without string buzz or string noise. Rather than being thrilled with what I was able to get right, I focus on the flubs. Probably need more work on my attitude than on my playing!
    And robinboyd is right: you’ll get there. We’re all in different places along our paths. And so long was we keep moving forward or at least enjoy where we are, it’s all good.
    Soooo glad I found this community.

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    Bonjour !

    I’m not a premium member chalenge and I’m back to interpret you my version of When I’m 64.
    Thank you Andrew for your feedback and yes I play ukulele for 1 year but my 12 years of violin helps me^^

    Good listening 🙂

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