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    Sir Andrew,

    I have looked into your Ultimate Guide to record ukulele professionally, I don’t think that recording is professionally for this challenge. Not only that but I don’t have any um… mics, or plugins or any electronic sound and video equipment, for I’m only starting out. What do you think is the best way to record with probably no budget needed? Thanks


    I would use the camera on your phone for video and for audio, Audacity is free. Do a Google search for a cheap mic with good reviews, after that you can use the free video editor on your computer to replace the video audio with the better recording audio.


    What are y’all struggling to master?

    On day dreaming, I’m stuck on getting to the Em faster, and with the pull offs of D7. I have to do them 6 million times. Not all of us are as quick at this as tittle (impressive!).

    Just making conversation. 🙂


    True to that, epically the chuck part in Etude no.11, this is going to take a lot of work.


    Lisa, I’m struggling with transitioning between the different melodies so focusing on that at the moment. Once I have that down I can work on speed 😊


    Kayleighb what song you’re doing, and if anyone is reading this, is it ok to practice having bruises on your fingers, or do you have to rest. Thanks 🙂


    Awesomestrings, where ate the bruises? I’ve played through sore fingers but not sure I’ve gotten to bruises.

    F-Em-F-Em-F-Em… That is my Sunday morning.


    Awesomestrings, I’m working on the fingerpicking & strumming song 🙂


    I am sorry about this video and it’s mistakes, but hey I tried, I will try harder when I have the time. It was a bit wild, for me to do this one take, but I thought to myself as a beginner, there’s no time like the Present. So bring it on Andrew, with your constructive criticism!

    P.S Lisadmh I might have overexaggerate, because after a while it’s gone. So sorry for that….

    Here’s the URL
    Oh yeah, and if you want to see me, (which I hope you don’t) look at the description and one of my friends post a video of me acting if you have the time. Thank you so much, and I will try to do the third song if I have time….. Thanks 🙂


    Whenever I try to do bar chords, the third string, keeps on buzzing when I play it. Is it since I’m not strong enough, or just the position. Any advice would be nice thanks. :I


    Great job awesomestrings! Really cool to see 2 songs back to back. I thought you did really well on the first one. What I’d work on is smoothing it out a bit; for example when you go from the first Melody to the second, you play the second Melody like we are jumping into a punk song, lol! I actually think it’s really cool how much more emphasis it has, but I think Angelo (who wrote the song) intended it to be a smooth transition, as in an even volume projection.

    Watch out on your timing too, going from section to section, as the chords were played at a quicker Tempo than the picking Melody.

    For the second song, I’d keep working on that swung rhythmic feel. Try to keep that feel constant throughout the entire piece. Play along with my recording with the on-screen tab viewer. It will help you get that feel down.

    And to answer your question, check out the advice I left for another member here.


    I will do these songs again next week since of school holidays, with your advice plus all the three songs, I feel confident to try again with more effort. I just have tests that I have to do, but I will try again for this challenge, making improvements as I go. Thank you for the comment Andrew, means a lot for people who want to improve. 🙂


    Blimey Awesomestrings, you say you are a total beginner yet you managed that on both songs! Please tell me your secret! Great job!


    My secret is full on practice, only do it when you have the time because it’s deadly when you can get carried away like I experience so many times when practicing ukulele, but I now know, that’s not the case. You have other things in life that you should have and enjoy. I guess cause, it’s my fourth-month playing uke, I was so excited I dropped my other important things, like family and friends, don’t do what I did. I’m just glad I could fix it as soon as possible, and I am still fixing it. It’s not uke for life, but life with uke. So that’s my backstory of ukulele, and all our journey continues. Just don’t drive your path to a bad one, but more of a happy one with people that will love you. 🙂


    Wow, 4 months awesomestrings? That’s amazing. I’ve been playing a year and I practice until my fingers are sore but I still can’t get those bar chords down. You’ve got talent.

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