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    I see it, and to give you proof you have a red uke with the name Makala. Plus you have a nice Tshirt good job on the song as well!


    Thank you! I haven’t participated before, so I wasn’t sure. 😉


    I love that there are some first timers in this challenge. Welcome to monthly challenges!

    Here’s mine. I got frustrated with it and squirreled over to another song for a bit. Bar chords continue to plague me, and pull offs on bar chords are a no go. But at least I’m not cheating on pull offs anymore, that’s good. I also learned the triplet strum for this song, which is cool. Showcasing it on a bar chord, not the greatest. The long pick up note is not just terrible timing, but my little attempt at interpretation. 🙂

    Anyway here’s what I made of it. It was fun even though it was harder than expected!


    Whew. Getting in just under the wire. Here’s Fingerpicking and Strumming for the April challenge. Thanks for the lessons and motivation, Drew!


    imovie decided not to go, and my left hand is also suffering for a recent fall. This is all I could do…

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    Hello I am a new member and this will be my first challenge. I almost missed and I guess I should check the website more often. I choose the daydreaming song. I had some issues with maintaining tempo and keeping the swing feeling. I will work on that in the future!


    Hi guys, so awesome to see so many performances posted! I’ll be going through every one and giving feedback, so hang tight if I haven’t gotten to yours yet 🙂


    karenj, I thought you did excellent! Timing and Clarity sounds great. Couple pauses at the end, but overall very well done! Keep up the great work!

    kmelton, great job Kevin! First thing I want to point out, about 16 seconds in your ring finger goes underneath check and behind the neck, that’s one thing we never want to do because it completely takes away the mobility of that finger. Also, watch out when fretting (like on the C chord) that you are not bending at the first joint. We always want to keep a nice curve to allow us better placement to be on the fingertip.

    You definitely understand the difference between straight and swung rhythm, which is huge with this tune. What I would work on if I were you is to get the Rhythm to sound a little bit more natural. So what I think is happening is that your right hand looks tense at times, primarily when strumming. We also want to even out the volume of the piece overall, try to pluck a little bit lighter, this will produce a sweeter tone. Working on both of these concepts should make the overall feel of the piece a little bit more playful. Let me know if you have any questions on this advice.

    Kay, here is a video with some tips for you. For others, this is a really great video for working on loosening up and playing with feeling and dynamics.

    ukulelelady, wow I’m impressed! Have you played another instrument before? That’s really amazing for 8 months, great feel, timing, and form in both hands. Absolutely brilliant!

    felixpitterling, great job! I thought you did very well overall 🙂 what I would work on is some of the tricky sections, such as bar 10. It has a syncopated 16th note Rhythm that can be quite tricky to grasp. So I’d encourage you to rewatch that section of the lesson and to use the on-screen tab viewer to match the Rhythm precisely. Counting it out and understanding the hits will help greatly with nailing the timing. Start slow and work it up to speed.

    cheick, I was going to go back and rewatch your video, but you deleted it 🙁 from what I remember, it sounds like you have improved a lot on the second section, as I think you had the first Melody down pretty well. I would keep working on that hard bar (bar 10). This will help you improve your timing too; if you listen back you can hear bar 9 being played slower than bar 10. So I would Loop those two bars and practice, practice, practice. But you definitely are improving and you’ll be there before you know it!

    ericaua, the video nerves get to all of us, lol! Here is a short video with some tips for you. Check out this lesson from our beginner’s course for help on the barre shape used in this song. Also check out the lesson that covers proper right hand form.


    Wow thank you so much!!! I have only really played a little bit here and there on the guitar and piano ect, but with the ukulele i have found something i really love to play. Thanks so much for the kind words, that means a lot coming from you 🙂


    Hi, here’s mine. Didn’t have time to practise for months and just picked up 3 weeks ago… totally over-estimated myself to choose “Day dreaming” ha ha …


    I can’t get a clean run 😛 but been out since my last/first challenge post in December…love the concept, and I try to keep up every month but just never follow through with a video (have we mentioned to you yet how much your lessons rock, Andrew?)

    Why do I seem to get a lot more skin-rubbing-on-string sound than most people?


    Whew! Didn’t think I was going to be able to post a video this month with my crazy new work schedule but here it is. Still had trouble with the bar chord part but I also wasn’t able to put in as much practice as I would have liked.


    Hi Andrew thanks for the feedback. I have posted a video and I deleted it. But I have posted another one maybe you missed it. This is the link.


    Here’s my attempt. I’m still slow and the camera makes me jittery. But I really enjoyed trying to learn this piece.


    So you know, your video isn’t working. I don’t know if it’s just for me, or not. I just thought you might like to fix it before tonight. 😉

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