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    Hi Shankar, glad you dig the tune 🙂 That song will work with low G, so no need to swap it out unless you prefer the sound of the high G.



    Hi, glad its working now! Goodluck with the challenge! 🙂



    I tried implementing strum variations, still feel like I need to work on it, though. Anyway, here is my submission 🙂

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    1) rickkhan

    2) alex2531255 – Happy bday!

    3) laurasil

    Love seeing a few entries already in on day 2! I left feedback in one video for the three of you. 🙂 For Alex and Laura, check out this lesson.



    It begins! My very first picking song. “Dream A Little Dream of Me”.
    Video is too large to appear on this post. I play too slow.



    Just started on Dream A Little Dream. I have a busy April and there’s only a VERY slim chance I could finish Thousand Years, the other song choices eventually had something I don’t think I could do at all yet. Big difficulty jump is an understatement lol. Turns out Dream has a challenge too for low G…


    Trying to find a solution to the melody note on the E7 backwards strum thing in Bar 4 that falls on the low G because yes, it sounds really “off” to me too.

    Bar 5 is all open so it’s easy to sub in a high g note.

    I kind of hit the breaks at 4, but it doesn’t look like there will be a lot of really weird sounding spots that are like bar 4. If I figure something out I’ll post.



    Try plucking the middle two strings fretting 2 on the C string and 4 on the E string.



    Whoops, Shankar! Yea I was def wrong. It doesn’t really work for low G. I’d recommend High G. Sorry, I must have been thinking of a diff tune that’s more interchangeable.



    @andrew, thank you so much for pointing out the area which I can improve!

    This is the new recording of “Dream a little dream of me.”

    You’re awesome!



    Dang that was fast! I dig it, Alex. That feel sounds good 🙂



    I am a premium member

    I love this challenge because I love Dream a little dream of me. What a incredible melody.. The arrangement is elegant and “open”, so I have adapted it to my “rogue” way to play. The result is a little bit less elegant but I hope it’s fun…



    I did find a solution to keep it pretty sounding and simple on low G. (Robin was faster! LOL)

    I couldn’t keep the backwards strum, I tried. It’s REALLY hard to add that note and keep it sounding like a strum by plucking or for-real strumming, or a combination. (I couldn’t do it anyway)

    Yeah Robin nailed it. His sounds better then just the melody note, but either one works and keeps the song really pretty sounding in low G. (If anyone’s determined.)

    I came up with just the melody note on the E string on fret 4, and it still sounds really nice.

    Bar 5 is just, E string third fret instead of open on the G string.



    Congrats to everyone who did entries already!!



    LauraK – nicely accomplished. Congrats

    Brenna – I dig it!



    Brenna – great!

    This will be my first full fingerpicking tune and I still struggle with barre chords, so this will indeed be a challenge! But I am determined to submit entries each of the three months – a higher quality uke would definitely make barre chords easier!! (and this Kanile’a is a beauty)

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