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    Many thanks @Andrew. I appreciate the feedback!


    Here the address i think . This was the hardest challenge for me .

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    Worked joe! 👍


    Thanks Becky7777, it been a long time coming. I got to give the credit to Andrew, he put in alot of time and effort, to help me with uploading video.


    sprintingyogini – You picked a great speed to play this one at, and the backbeats are very solid on this! For the most part, you have the whole song down! On sections like 0:23 to 0:27 and 0:29 to 0:31, isolate just these spots slowly to get your hand to shift at exactly the right distances with the goal of keeping every finger playing near the middle of the square created by the fret or forward of it (closer to the body of the ukulele). Repeat this until you are confident that your hand will keep the correct spacing and end up on the correct fret. Then play through the whole phrase (since these two spots are so close together) at a slow tempo. Once again, very good job at keeping a fairly consistent tempo and keeping the playing very accurate besides those two spots! Thank you for entering the challenge!

    tastyshrimp – You’re off to a good start! I think your list of things to work on is fairly on point! I would start with tempo above all of the other ones, and then work through that list…this way the song stays performance ready as you work on the rest. As far as accidental pull-offs, these are very common! I especially have this issue on the U-Bass due to sweaty fingers! One way around this is to mute with other fingers as much as possible, and wipe your hands between recording attempts. Thanks for participating in the challenge!

    joe150 – Way to work on a challenging piece! On this one, I want you to take this one measure at a time, working to get the rhythm down before the notes. Try just clapping the rhythm: count “one and two and three and four and,” but only clap when you say “one,” then the “and” after beat two, then “three” and “four.” Only those words in the quotations. Then try playing the first measure on ukulele while counting, only plucking on those same words. This will work for measures one and two. From there, measure three is easy (just play on “one” “two” “three” four,” but still count the “and” between each number). Once you get that down, try using the reading course to figure out each measure, and master each group of four measures before moving to a new group. It’s difficult, but putting the time in to count it right now will pay off on future challenges! Thank you for your entry!


    Thank you Stephen!


    Awesome, thanks Stephen!


    Stephens thank for the advice.


    Here’s our entry for the month (Kemp’s Jig).

    I noticed in this video that my right wrist is a bit angled again. I played around with it and found that it tends to happen when I do picado technique but not at other times. I’m not sure how bad it is or how to fix it.

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    Great duet!


    Absolutely loved working on this tune! Thanks Andrew for a wonderful lesson! I am a premium member!


    Hi All,

    I am submitting Kemp’s Jig. I was wanting to try a Low G ukulele, so when I received a Soprano Uke for my bday last month, I thought I would switch out the strings (all 4) and give it a try. (I didn’t like the strings that came on it, but as a kit it came with a lot of stuff for only $70). I bought the Aquila Low G set. The low G is a wound string, so I don’t care for the squeeky sound when doing slides, but I’m not sure there is anything to do about that really. And that Low G really sings, I have to be careful not to pluck too hard or it over powers. Any suggestions? And this soprano seems to have a narrow neck and it was hard to do the pull off in measure 6. I really need to focus on using the very tips of my fingers. (among other things of course, ha.) I am also working on Eastern Uke, but not sure I will have it ready in time, so here is my Kemp’s Jig submission. : ) ~ Holly (premium member)


    Thanks Andrew for such a beautiful arrangement!

    This is my entry for this month.


    @robinboyd, Love the duet! where is my husband!!! o(╥﹏╥)o


    Holly, Aquila low G was my first set and I didnt like the squeek or the boominess. I replaced them with fluorcarbon low G and it’s perfect. It’s not wound, just a normal string but lower. Both problems are gone.

    It’s great hearing everyone’s takes. You’re all sound awesome!

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