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    Fantastic Brian (freeclmr)! One of the trickiest parts is definitely playing the chord section that is all the way up the neck. It’s hard to fit our finger into those tiny frets, and because of that, we tend to pull the string up, causing the chord to go a little sharp.

    A great way to practice that section, is to only play the chord changes by themselves. So there are four chords in that section, you could play the first chord and hold it out for a whole measure, then play the second chord, and again, hold it out for a whole measure. Then the same with the 3rd and 4th chord, and loop it.

    This is a great way to help build muscle memory for the changes and to help hone in on playing the chords without bending the strings.


    Glad to have you here Connie! I would play the soprano for now if you are playing a song that has a far stretch. It takes a while to develop the stretch, so don’t get frustrated or try to rush it.

    You did extremely well, you should be very proud of yourself! Truly good job. Next month’s challenge will be great for you too, as it will be beginner themed 🙂


    cyberloh – you came a long way since the first snippet you posted earlier this month. I can definitely tell that you put my advice into your practice, as your feel is perfect now. Great job! My only constructive feedback, is to continue working on the outro.

    The feel is definitely the hardest and you’ve got a great handle on that now, great job!


    Whew. Here is my entry of Spongebob Squarepants. I have a ton of excuses why it isn’t as good as I wanted it to be — I’m out of town, playing my mom’s ukulele, the pressure was on,… I asked my son to make the video and he did about 20 takes until I finally gave up! This one will have to do. It was fun.


    Here is my attempt. Still working on my timing. I am so nervous! I had such trouble with the video I got worse and worse as time went on.

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    Hi Everyone. This seemed to be the month for hurting our fingers and hands. I did the same! Note to self, do not help the cat. The cat will be fine no matter how stuck he thinks he is! This is my take on SponXe Bob…trust me, there is a reason I call it SponXe Bob…see if you can guess! I think with even a few more days, I will have this down to play for friends. Unfortunately, I am heading to the airport right after this so…like many others have said…Looks like this is it. I obviously stumbled but I am proud that I mostly recovered…though I wouldn’t use the word discrete to describe that recovery but well?? It caught the spirit of this challenge. Lots of fun! Thanks RockClass, Andrew, and Uke Republic for this great challenge and prize!


    Love it Carrie. You did great! That was the speed I was trying for and I thought I had it down but I couldn’t maintain for a whole recording so I slowed it DOWN but still couldn’t get all the way through without problems. Love your mistake and reaction. We had several laughing fits in our earlier attempts (and some cursing)!


    Here we go again! I still can’t play in front of people, but at least the camera is getting a little better. I might just record myself practicing a whole bunch to try to get over it.. who know. I was working on Game of Thrones, so much so that I have it memorized, but I will not subject you all to what happens when I try to record it, so here is SpongeBob!

    Thank you so much Andrew for the contests, I look forward to them every month!


    Had fun working on this song. Thank you Andrew for arranging and having this contest!


    Thank you for the feedback. This was definitely a tough one to learn in such a relatively short time; with all my travel. Your suggestions are great and I’ll apply the lesson to perfect the piece. Did you get my introduction as a play on what Ser Davos Seaworth said in season 6 episode 2? I have a feeling that some may have missed the pun behind my opening dialog…..


    Here is my recording of me playing the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song. 🙂


    Here’s my try on the Game of thrones theme. I tried it some months ago, but I stopped after some days, because it was too difficult.
    I’m very proud I can play the whole theme now. I’m still making many mistakes and I have problems with the high notes. But I hope it’ll become better soon.


    Hello, that’s my SpongeBob try shot that appeared to be a real challenge for me, that’s all I have managed, but I’m not giving up)


    RockClass101 June 2017 Challenge – Spongebob Squarepants ThemeThis is my entry for this challenge.

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    Here is my try at the SpongeBob theme song.


    Sorry it didn’t work the first time.


    Hello from Germany! A little late but here is my try on the Game of Thrones Theme. I played one part (I think it’s bar 19 and 20) a little different compared to your arrangement, hope that’s ok :).

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