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    Luckily I started with the first part of Spanish Romance a few weeks ago. So here’s my video. Very beautiful arrangement. 🙂


    This song is so beautiful!
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    Didn’t realize til you mentioned it @biancak but I do the 234 fingering too. I did find it hard at first but then I realized it rings out fine on my concert uke but not my soprano–so I just recorded on my concert. Guess it was more forgiving!


    Hi everybody!
    I was so happy to see that one of my most favorite jazz tunes was this month’s challenge. I was so excited to learn it and I couldn’t put my ukulele down until I did.
    So, here’s my March entry with L-O-V-E.
    Thank you to Andrew and the team for keeping challenging us with all these amazing songs!



    Here is my version of “Spanish Romance” I decided to use a low G uke mostly because I like the sound of it best and my fingers handle the up the neck work better. So I added a couple of low G notes for fun.

    You’ll notice the very romantic Australian birdsong in the background if you listen carefully.


    Hello guys!

    Here is my attempt at this month’s challenge with Spanish Romance.




    Here is everybody on Page 2!

    biancak – Sounds great! Really nice performance. Great job!!

    marlongas – Great Job! Everything sounds nice and even, so keep working with it to get it up to full speed, however it does sound nice slower. You’re almost there so keep it up!

    cncamacho – Sounds awesome! One thing I would try doing is adding some rubato and softer playing dynamics. It’s such a delicate sounding song, so I think having that softer touch will go a long way. Great Job overall!

    mister bones – Very nice performance of this piece!! I like how the melody stands out a bit more from the arpeggios underneath, and it stays like that all the way through. Very nice to listen to. Great job!

    Awesome job again! I would say there were some very minor transition buzzes from a couple of the chords, so just watch those transitions since there’s a lot going on in this arrangement. I think it sounds great otherwise!


    Here is everybody on page 3!

    bibilele – Sounds great!! I would keep practicing your vibrato technique as it sounds really nice, but I think it could sound a little bit stronger and smoother. Maybe vary the speed of the vibrato through out the piece. For this kind of tune I would go for a slower vibrato to add to that element romance. I think it sounds a bit more dramatic. Great job overall!!

    kittycatlin – Great job!! Very clean and smooth performance! One thing I would recommend is to slightly adjust y our picking hand to where your hand is sitting over the strings and then your finger come down from the top of it, that way when you pick, your fingers done move too far past the string causing extra movement. You’ll also have more dynamic control this way! That’s just my approach, but your performance sounded great. Keep it up!

    mademoiselleannette – Nice job!! One think I would try is to incorporate some slight variation between your thumb and index finger when possible, that way your thumb isn’t doing all the work! I know that this song has that certain strum technique, but there are some places I think adding the first finger will help out as well. Great job!

    robinboyd – Great job!! I would try to add a bit more rubato throughout the A and B sections. That adds a really nice flow especially with solo instrument arrangements that sounds so good. But everything else sounds great. Keep up the great work!!

    lyndallk – Sounds great! Your picking technique looks nice so I would just focus on some of the notes in the chords and melody in that B section. Some of them were slightly buzzy, so just make sure you’re placing your finger on the fret properly. I would also go with a slightly slower vibrato as I think it adds to the dramatic feel of the tune. Awesome job again!!

    shmu88 – Nice job!! I would add some more rubato throughout, as this is a very dramatic sounding piece, having that slight tempo fluctuation really adds a lot to it and makes it sound super special and more emotional for you, along with others that are listening. Great performance though!


    I was just listening to my performance back to back with Sam’s and Lyndall’s, and it’s a great example of 3 performances at a similar level and at a similar pace that are played on 3 very different sounding ukes. If you are interested in different uke sounds, it’s worth having a listen.


    Thanks for the feedback AJ. I will certainly work on fret placement; and try for the drama!

    I tried what your suggested Robin. Yeah!! Interesting

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    Thanks a lot for your feedback, @AJ. 🙂 I will definitely keep on practising the vibrato technique. That’s the first song I used it in and I’m still struggling with it, but I really like how it adds to the music.


    I’m sorry, but I’m a little confused. The tempo of the song is not 80 bpm? I have played it looking at a visual meteonom, and the problem was that when doing the rubatto I lost myself, but the rest of the time I go to 80 more or less. in the score it is the tempo it indicates. It is faster? I would have no problem playing faster, if it were so …


    @marlongas – I just spoke with AJ, he miscommunicated that he, himself, would have performed it faster. Your performance tempo is inline with Steven, who performed and taught the lesson. Which makes sense why his comment was confusing to you.

    I just listened to your performance. Your playing oozes feeling and your expression of the piece was beautiful. Very well done!


    And for other folks reading this feedback: Keep in mind that a song like this is subjective to the performer. Steven’s lesson focused on vibrato, dynamics, and rubato. BUT, it’s up to you to interpret it and perform it as you see fit. There’s no right or wrong 🙂


    I get it!! I learned it from steve’s video, but once I learned it,I use the tool on your website with the tablature and how is it supposed to be done at the indicated speed, when recording I used a metronome app that It has a visual option, and except for the rubatto parts (which is what I don’t know how to do with a metronome), I tried to do it at the speed set by the tablature, but perhaps it was an error and it was at 90bpm(for example). it’s not something important. I just wanted to make it as similar as possible. Thank you, I have already commented that I do not speak much English and it is difficult for me to understand and make myself understood at times. I’m sorry

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