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    @andrew thanks for the tips. That transition is much easier. Also, I too, have noticed on various videos when I watch myself, that I tend to pull on the strings. Definitely not intentional. I think it may be because I feel that I have to press so hard. Not sure if I always do it or if it is when recording and more tense. I am going to try to keep an eye on that. If it is something mental like nerves or just thinking I have to press harder than I really do, hopefully I can correct. My worry though might be that perhaps my form on my right hand might be causing it. I played violin for many years and I think that creeps into my form. Many times my right hand is not really facing the strings (if that makes sense) so maybe that creates more of a reach on the G and C… Not really sure at this point but will try to be more aware and see if I can fix it.




    Longing for Yesterday.

    Slight buzz on the B of the A string but couldn’t get it filed prior so please bear with.

    And with my mistakes.



    I am a premium member.

    Here’s my attempted at Blackbird. First time trying out the low G tuning.


    I’m a premium member!

    Blackbird sans voice but with a sigh or two:

    Contrary to my facial expressions in the video, I really did enjoy learning this tune. Thanks, team!



    @Andrew – thank you for your kind words. I think I’ll need to learn with some frustration this year while trying to step up a level in the challenges, and improve by learning the intermediate/ advanced songs. I’m enjoying learning them so much but I guess I’ll never feel comfortable playing while recording myself… especially not when I’m not sure yet about what I’m playing exactly…
    But thanks a lot to you and the team for providing such a great variety of songs 🙂



    Premium member

    Got a lot going on atm so practice been difficult to stick with consistently, bit this is one of the first guitar songs I feel in love with. And this is a first ever one take submissionf from me! Room for improvement but happy enough with it. Best thing: the blackbirds are tweeting in the background here in sunny Wales 😍 🐦 🖤


    Hi everyone,

    Here’s my attempt for Let It Be.

    I’m a premium member.


    dividedsky – Excellent performance! Super fun to listen to 🙂

    andrewvh – Great job, Andrew! My only suggestion is to memorize it, that way you can put your full concentration into the performance.

    kidelozzi – That was very well played! I agree with your assessment about fine-tuning it. Here’s what I would work on. I’m hearing a little string noise mixed in with notes/chords. Mostly in the second and third bar of the chorus.

    So I’d slow that section down and focus on cleaning up your playing. Also, double-check the first bar of the chorus because it switches from a sus to a major triad.

    But again it was really good overall! You’re pretty much at the polishing stage 🙂

    uku241 – Excellent playing! Only thing I’d suggest is to target your practice on the areas that weren’t as clean, like measure 6. That’s a tricky transition. Slow it down and focus on note clarity, then speed it back up 🙂

    seoulkim – Incredible performance! Watching your progress has been amazing. Keep up the great work!

    maryjanew – Awesome to see you tackle tougher tunes, MJ! For this tune, I’d work on 4 bars at a time (looped) in the tab player. Go slow and master that section before working on the next four bars. Essentially, you’re building it brick by brick. Definitely memorize it, so you can focus on what your left and right hand is doing as there’s a lot of intricacy in this song.

    dal08260 – Excellent performance! Keep up the great work 🙂

    annemarie – Beautiful playing and love the tone of the amp and uke 🙂

    terryfallon3 – Great job, Terry! I’d suggest working on keeping the timing steady. Focus on 8 bars at a time. When you’ve got those smooth, move on to the next 8 then connect the 16.

    cimarronsailor – Beautiful playing! I’d say you’re at the stage where you can start to increase tempo to build speed 🙂

    coffeemug – Awesome performance! There’s only a few pauses in some of the transitions, so that’s where I would focus my practice on. Overall it was excellent, keep up the great work!

    henri0 – Excellent performance! One of your best to-date 🙂

    antotonin – Bravo! Excellent performance!


    Friendly Reminder – The deadline for receiving feedback and an entry into the giveaway is tonight at 11:59 PM EST (check your local time zone).



    I don’t have a low g ukulele, so I chose Let It Be. It is a very beautiful arrangement and I really enjoyed learning it. But even after a month, I can’t play it without a mistake and at the same time in rhythm. It’s either or. But I’m looking forward to the time when I can even manage level 4 per month. 😀


    @andrew, thank you for the encouraging words and constructive feedback. I watched your video about sustain, very helpful!

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    I would have loved to do Blackbird or Yesterday this month but stuff happened and left me with only two days at the end of the month to learn something, so Yellow Submarine it is! I need more practice to make it cleaner and iron out all the hesitations, but I’m just happy to get an entry in. 🙂


    Hi all,

    Here is my attempt to Yellow Submarine, actually did not now the song that well (except for the iconic chorus). But had to give it a go as it is the only song, this month, that has a themed Lego set.
    I messed up the ending, but the 20 takes after this were worse…

    Premium member

    Looking forward to the June challenge!


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