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    Hi everyone, here is my submission for the May challenge, I chose Beginner Blues Strumming:


    I AM A PREMIUM MEMBER This is my May entry, with Andrew Hardel’s piece Rhythmic Variations EP010, played on my Ohana low G concert ukulele. It’s been a busy month, which sadly, left little time for practicing. Not my best effort, but overall I feel okay that I mostly kept with the tempo and made the transitions as well as I think I could have with the little amount of playing I did this month. I’m not sure my fingers are meant to play bar chords though! Watching the play back, I see that my off sounding chords are attributable to being just over the fret wires. Something for me to work on, for sure. At any rate, here it is, mistakes and all!



    Hey Everyone,

    This month I had to quickly learn and record “Strumming Song: The Blues” in about 5 minutes, as I have still been busy with my year 12 assignments and exams and completely forgot to learn the songs. It was still fun to quickly play this one anyways.


    I am a premium member

    Here is my entry in may „rhythmic variations“
    I am not glad about the performance, but time is over. At the end of the piece my speed is so slow and it was difficult for me to play the E-chord, because I had not enough place for my middle finger and the chord sounds therefore wrong.


    May Challenge Blues Strumm’n, thanks so much for this! Learned a new rhythm and couple of strums! So fun!


    This was super hard for me. Plus I had to use only a hard copy since I didn’t have Internet all month. Oh well here it is.


    Beginner Blues Strumming submission. New to recording myself play, so that was interesting!


    Friendly Reminder – The deadline for receiving feedback and an entry into the giveaway is tonight at 11:59 PM EDT (check your local time zone).


    @andrew thanks for the tips. I favor picking over strumming. At the beginning of the year I had set a goal of improving my strumming. I started Matt’s strumming coarse. Then when I got my finger injury stopped. Started back with the monthly challenges and never went back to working on the strumming class. So your advice on this is a great nudge to get me back to that (it covers the rasgueado). As always thanks so much for these lessons and challenges.



    I had a go at Cissy Strut this month. Great piece to learn and try to play – thank you Andrew and Evan for arranging it!

    Once I’d got the groove, I could keep up with the backing track (at 75%), but those muted strums are difficult to fit in without losing control of the fingers. So I faked my way though.

    I did have a go at the solo, but tripped up on the triplets.

    Really enjoyed trying to get this one down, thank you RC101!




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    It’s by far not the best, and i could probably get a better take but it is getting late and i am a little tired so this will have to do for May 😊


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    Entry #1

    “Spice Up Your Rhythm”

    I tried this lesson but I need more time to master. It is very challenging for me.

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    Entry #2

    “Beginner Blues Strumming”
    This song was easy enough for me to master (mostly) in one day 😜 The ending riff was challenging though😍 Loved it!

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    Here’s everyone on page 6:

    – You’re doing a great job on this one! Your technique is great, the notes and rhythms are clear, and you have a fairly relaxed feel. Here and there there are a few parts where you are anticipating some of the rhythms a little bit, which hinders the relaxed feel. Try to stay relaxed as you play to keep from playing too far in front of the beat. You’re doing wonderfully, keep it up!

    – You’re off to a great start on this one! You definitley are developing a great feel on the 2nd strum pattern with the slaps! In the first one, you are slightly rushing the 2nd strum of the pattern. The secret is to think of it as the same as the 2nd pattern, but without the slap: leave silence for the length of time the slap would take place, and strum afterwards. Then it’s just a matter of placing the last 2 strums correctly. Keep it up, you’re getting close!

    – Very nicely done, especially on the 2nd half! On the first strum pattern, just make sure to hold the last chord of each measure out a bit longer before strumming the downbeat of the next measure. It may help to practice that part with a metronome or a backing track. The second half was solid, with a good feel too! Keep up the great work!

    – The Blues is strong in this one! You have a great feel on this and kept the tempo consistent through both patterns. Excellent job on this!

    – You sound very good on this one! You have a great feel, a consistent tempo, and you are doing great on the techniques. It was very enjoyable to listen to. Maybe now you can speed it up to Andrew’s tempo (although this tempo fits the summer vibe better).

    – It’s great that you played both, and this is for “Spice Up Your Rhythm Playing”: You have a very good, relaxed feel on this. Your tempo is very solid, and your fade out was fantastic! I even thought the Rasgueado sounded nice! I don’t have much else to add, but you can try working the speed up on it now that you have the techniques under your fingers. Very nicely done!
    Beginner Blues was very well played! My only advice on this is to make the slaps in the second part louder. These slaps are imitating a snare drum, so give them just a little extra pop! You did a very nice job on both of these songs, and the dog bumping your elbow was a cute touch.

    – You are off to a great start! I’m glad you challenged yourself for this…challenge, and you did an excellent job to get through all of the techniques! The main thing to go back to to continue to get better at this is the rhythm on the fingerpicking section. Also, you would benefit from slowing the tempo down a good bit on this song. That would help you keep the same tempo through all of these techniques. Keep up the great work, you can do it!

    – Very nicely done on this one! I like that you incorporated all of the techniques, though some of them are tough! One that I would continue to revisit is the triplet strum. Andrew links a video that explains which fingers to use to properly do that one, and it’s worth learning! Keep working on this one, you’re doing great!

    – You are doing a great job on this one, and sometimes it is nice to take a bit of poetic license. I hope you revisit this one in the future to try some of the cool techniques Andrew incorporates in the section just before the fade out. The triplet strum and Rasgueado are really cool techniques that truly do spice up the playing! Keep up the good work!

    – Wow, very nice work on this song! You have a great feel and great technique. As far as those last two measures of the solo, it may help to play the whole song around 85% speed to make that one segment more approachable for us mere mortals (Evan’s playing can be intimidating)! You did a fantastic job of getting through that in spite of the difficulty. I look forward to seeing your future entries, this performance was on point!

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