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    @debb1985 – Great idea! Really adds a lot of depth to the piece. And your performance was bellissimo 🙂


    Thanks @Andrew! 😊


    I am a premium member

    I love playing this piece. So many ways to vary the feeling. Even with a lot of practice I still struggle with the E7 chord measure. I think my arthritic hands aren’t up to it.


    @planetfink – Beautiful playing and excellent use of rubato, Kathy 🙂


    Thanks, Andrew. I love that it sounds different every time I play it. It really reflects the mood I’m in while playing. I never had a piece where I could “play” my emotions like that before.


    Love Tarrega
    Still having problems with using 3 fingers as seem to go back to using only 2.
    More practisce needed but more nervous when recording n many attempts this is so far.

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    Missing the dynamics and nuances.
    But will keep practiscing and finessing the nuances.

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    @mariongas your playing was amazing🥰
    In fact all of the interpretations were amazing but would really love to hear the James Bond
    Motown Medley 🥰


    @planetfink – That’s so awesome! 🙂

    – Great job! What I’d suggest working on is timing. Try looping one measure along to a click. When you can play it perfectly in time, try the next measure. Then go back and practice both to the click.

    And double check Theme 2. Sounds like you omitted a couple measures.


    I am a premium member, and I tackled the Motown medley this month. Disclaimer: I started working on it right when it came out, so I had a head start 🙂 Super fun to play along with the backing track, and also very much needed practice for me to learn how to listen to other instruments while playing and trying to stay in sync with them, something I don’t get to do often enough. This was also my very first attempt at recording my playing seperately and mixing it together with the backing track on the computer, so I developed my tech skills as well 🙂
    Due to the length of the arrangement I just did a couple of takes instead of trying to shoot for perfection, so there are some rough spots, especially in the last song, I’m not really happy with that yet. I’ll keep practicing it, but it will have to do for this month’s challenge.
    Thanks to Evan for the arrangement, to Andrew for the great tutorial and to the band for the backing track. This is the good stuff.


    I am a premium member

    This was such an enjoyable challenge. Really had fun learning it. Never used the play along function as much as with this one, gradually increasing the speed, testing where memory or fingers fail…
    Recorded with 85% speed (90% or more would have been just rushing after the rhythm trying not to trip over while 85% still allowed thinking and preparing…).
    Further practice could surely improve the tone of some of the notes, but I have to say I’m really proud of this already 🙂
    Thank you for the arrangement!


    I am a Premium Member.

    Really enjoyed Etude in E minor. So much to explore in this beautiful arrangement, and it reminded me to go back and practice Spanish Romance some more.



    So, I was looking for a good (great) sweet child of mine tab. I came across this absolutely stunning prize ukulele. A tenor of which size I have yet to acquire. I thought “prize?” I could win this. So I purchased a premium membership with familiarity of the usefulness of these lessons, the prize, and the challenge. Leading up to this I was working on a Zapateado by Juan Martin. Since the beginning of this day I took on Valse Venezolano No2 as this is my bread and my butter. As I’ve only been playing so long this song is perfect for my skill level. Challenging and a step up for me. (I’ve learned harmonics as well as other skills.) A long day of practice practice practice and I decided tonight to rip Zapateado. All of the sudden I can “play” it with much less effort! So regardless if I win the prize in December or I beat myself up over this solo.. whatever! These lessons are true to my ambitions, push me, and now I feel I walk on a more structured path towards what I aspire to be as a maker of melodic bliss. I thank you after one day and look forward to December’s challenge.


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    I went for the Etude in E Minor. Since the arrangement itself is pretty simple I tried to really think about dynamics this time. Actually, no matter how much I practiced it, I felt like I was missing something to add life to the piece. I guess it’s just one of the many areas I can improve my playing! XD
    As always thank you for the amazing lessons, arrangements, and community!


    I am a premium member.

    I’m more of a Lion’s fan but to keep a happy marriage I wore the Steelers shirt today (didn’t see to help them…)

    Here’s this month’s piece:


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