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    I was literally listening to Alice’s Restaurant yesterday thinking the same thing!


    It’s a great song and autobiographical as you probably know. I saw Arlo sing this in a gig he played at Les Cousins in Soho, London in 1968 before he’d recorded it and made the movie. It blew everyone away as he related the story of ‘Alice’s Restaurant Massacree’ that lasted 20 minutes or so.
    The challenge for playing this on a ukulele is the continuing chord sequence in which the repetition of the walk up chord sequences would be difficult. It’s very much a guitar song.
    But having said that if it can be done then Andrew and his team of superb players will find a way!


    Is there anyone besides me who would be interested in finger style tablature for Christian hymns or contemporary Christian worship songs?


    Hound dog.
    Riot in Cell Block Number 9.
    Back in The Night.


    Please can We have a Tutorial For Ashokan Farewell? Would love to learn this tune as seems ideal for ukulele Fingerpicking.

Viewing 5 posts - 361 through 365 (of 365 total)
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