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    Great job! Sounds great.


    Here’s everyone on page 8.

    – Beautiful playing and excellent ritardando at the end. A fantastic first entry! I look forward to watching more of your performances 🙂

    – You played it beautifully! For that transition, or any transition that you need a little extra practice with, try stripping away the music (i.e. the fingerpicking pattern). And just work on moving between the two chords:

    I’d also recommend taking it a step further by using a metronome. Set it to a simple rhythm, for example, strumming on beat 1 and 3 (half notes).

    – This was very good, Justin! Excellent clarity in the notes in the H/O & P/O licks. Timing and feel was spot on. You even nailed the fancy rhythm strum at 1:09! I am continually impressed by you!

    – Beautifully played, Jane 🙂

    – That was awesome, Helga! You played it so well!! My only advice is to memorize it so you can focus 100% on your playing.

    – Even with the underwater audio (lol), your playing still shined through! Great job this month 🙂

    – What! A double take with both instruments! So cool! I sent Stephen your bass performance, he’s gonna love watching it!

    Both takes sounded great! I really enjoyed watching them. Keep up the great work, Melissa!

    – Both takes were great! I love that you use a metronome. Keep up the great work, Gisele 🙂

    – Your video is showing as private. Can you please make it public? Here’s how to change the privacy setting.

    – Your performance was awesome! I was grooving in my chair watching it 🙂

    And yes, definitely pick up a copy of transcribe. It’s so useful and totally worth it!


    @gracme2 – Thanks for making it public 🙂

    Your playing sounds great! It was beautifully fingerpicked and an excellent first challenge post! It sounds like a little more practice will smooth out the very minor hesitations. Keep up the great work!


    My first time participating after watching from the sidelines for a year! Was a lot of fun!


    Etude #3 played on my Ohana Baritone with Tenor Octave strings (GCEA)
    I practice this Etude on my Romero Tiny Tenor and my Lanakai Concert but I really like how it sounded with the octave tenor strings!

    My right hand fingers go their own way on picking song like this, that’s why I wanted to practice it. I didn’t get it right at the beginning of the video but I kept playing it until I almost got it all right!!😜

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    @Andrew Thanks a lot for your feedback! 😊 I only realized my “too much movement” with the left hand when I watched the other entries. 🙈


    Thanks, Andrew!


    Thank-you Andrew. I will practice hammer ons and pull offs….I can hear it does sound more like a quick slur rather than articulating…thanks for the example…and the concept of looping…will work on it😁

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    @cartoonnatalie – You played it beautifully! A great first challenge post 🙂

    One thing I want you to work on is proper holding technique. I’ll embed a video I made for another member a few years ago on how to hold the uke. Additionally, here is another lesson and one more covering this topic that I recommend reviewing.

    – I love your interpretation, MJ! It reminds me of “We Are Gonna Be Friends” by the White Stripes. Well done this month! 🙂


    Thanks Andrew. I’d be lost without the metronome. It always surprises me just how far adrift I can get when I don’t use one with things I struggle with.


    We BLEW AWAY our participation goal with 62 members participating this month! Big congrats to each and every one of you! I loved hearing everyone’s performances! Y’all did SO well! 🙂

    So without further ado, the winner of this month’s challenge is ** drumroll **




    Our February Challenge is LIVE:

    The theme is Mini Lessons and we’re giving away a VERY unique ukulele! Hope to see everyone in the challenge!


    Yay, congrats, june2020!! 😊


    Congratulations, june2020! The ukulele looks lovely!


    @Andrew Thanks for pointing this out. I was practicing the piece on 75%, couldn’t imagine increasing the speed so had a few days’ break away from it and then when I tried again, I realised I could do 100%. Honestly, I didn’t even notice that I unconsciously traded in the pull-offs for the extra speed :DDD

Viewing 15 posts - 121 through 135 (of 138 total)
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