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    I’m a premium member.

    Hey everyone, awesome playing! A really great selection of pieces Andrew. I’m having an attempt at sleepwalk, it’s been a bit crazy in the world of teaching so excuse the fact I look almost asleep! X

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you for a wonderful lesson. I thoroughly enjoyed it (at 50% speed). Here is my attempt at Jailhouse Rock. The ending is not what I hoped for – tried re-recording but other things break.


    @lisamcc – no worries, I fixed it 🙂



    Here’s my submission of Rock Around the Clock. This month was a bit crazy for me and I was left with just a couple of days to work on this. There are plenty of hesitations and buzzing and it’s not up to full speed. But I had lots of fun learning the song and this is the best of my zillion takes. Thanks Matt for the arrangement and great lesson.

    I hope everyone in the Rock Class community is doing well.

    Take care,




    Here is my version of Rock Around the Clock, needs so much more practice which i just haven’t managed this month and time is tight now so apologies. I really enjoyed learning this tune, certainly a challenge and plan to work on it loads more. Great listening to everyones entries, good luck to All and thanks Matt and Andrew for all the instruction.

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    Hi this month been taking it slow cause moving to another city but here is my entry so just audio this time. I AM A PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Hey everyone! So I did Rockin around the clock! This was fun and still a little challenging. I’m still practicing so it’s not really that good yet. I have been playing it each a little each day but I feel like I get really tense whenever I turn the camera on! I had to record ina couple parts cause my hands were getting tired. Anyway thanks for the lessons!!!



    Thank you.


    I am a Premium Member

    This song was beyond my beginner skill level so here is just the intro…. The verse & chorus are too painful to watch lol! (and trust me I considered it, I really wanted to get an entry!)

    I worked on this just about everyday all month. I shall persevere and keep up with my fingerpicking. Thanks for the monthly challenges, it really has me working hard to make progress.



    I have been busy helping my daughter get ready for the birth of her 4th child so I have not been
    able to do much music this month. I chose Jail House Rock because I really need work playing along with some one else as a band. I have zero experience with that.
    I didn’t get far with this song, sorry, and I guess it is late with uploading, but I thought I’d load it anyway.
    I don’t expect feedback anyway, In already know what it will say! lol!
    Also, this is the first time try to play along with a track on RC101. I recently bought a AKG microphone, an Interface and an amplifier. I’ve been having a very steep learning curve in using this new tech, but I wanted to learn how to record better quality videos and audio. I need to spend more time with the actually music practice!


    Here’s everyone on page 6

    katazumiri – You’re doing a great job on this one! You picked a nice steady tempo, and are getting the notes right with the correct rhythms over all. There are a few transitions between chords that are causing hesitations, and for those spots I recommend practicing the measure before the shift into the next measure. For example: play measure 17 into 18 several times until the shift feels comfortable. Your triplet strum sounds great, keep up the good work!

    ldarrow – You are getting close on this one. I recommend playing it slower to get the timing right and work out all of the hesitations at the ends of phrases. If you played it 75% of the speed in this video, it would help you get certain rhythms and shifts a bit smoother. You’re super close, you sound great!

    lbilkie – It’s funny how the little red dot makes our hands forget what we’ve worked on! I have similar things happen to me. I find that the increase in anxiety from recording really exposes the parts we are less comfortable with (even if we have played it right several times in practice). I recommend practicing the section at 38 seconds a bit more to get to the point where it’s second nature for you to play. Then when the recording anxiety hits, your fingers function on auto pilot. You played this wonderfully, and I can tell you’ve spent a lot of time working on this. Keep it up!

    marianne – Very nicely done! You played this one well in spite of your travels getting in the way. If you have less time to polish a song, I suggest playing it a bit slower than you normally do for a performance to get the tricky sections in tempo. You played this well, so this is a small detail, but something to keep in mind.

    lhamilton – You are off to a great start! You have the notes and most of the technique of the song down, so now it’s time to get the rhythm a little bit stronger with a steady tempo. I recommend playing this one at 50% speed and really lock in with a metronome to get all of this to rock! You’re doing a great job, keep it up!

    ukandrea – Great job on the notes, and I can tell you understand the rhythms. It sounds like you are playing the song a bit faster than you are comfortable with. I recommend playing this one at about 75% of that speed and really focus on keeping the notes and shifts in time. Keep it up, you’re doing a great job so far!

    richard_siegert – You are doing a great job, and the fluency will come with time. Your right and left hand technique looks good, so it’s jut a matter of working patiently on playing each section until you develop muscle memory for the song. Excellent work, keep it up!

    isabelm – I like the 50’s wardrobe! I also like the way you are accenting the beat to establish the feel of the song (along with swaying to it) You’re playing with the right attitude, there are just a few small hesitations while shifting chords to work through, and then you’ve got it all! Excellent job, and great style!

    chiaracasella – You have a very nice feel on this one. Between the vibrato and your use of dynamics, you are conveying the emotion of the song very well through your playing! It seems like Melody B has a few spots where you are hesitating slightly. Just work through that section a bit more and then you will keep the great flow you have in Melody A throughout the whole piece. I enjoyed your playing on this one!

    ukulelee – The intro and your triplet strum are great on this! The melody and chord shapes need a little more practice in a few spots, but you’ve got the right idea! Isolate each spot that’s causing a hesitation and work on the shifts, and then you’ve got it! I can tell that you have a great rock feel, so the song will have the right feel/attitude once you are confident on those spots! Keep it up!

    terryfallon3 – You’re off to a great start on this one, and the ending was very strong. A good next step is to break the verse/chorus into smaller segments of 4 to 8 measures and really commit them to memory one at a time. Your goal should be to play these segments with a steady tempo. Once you work through the song this way, try connecting the segments 2 at a time. Keep up the great work!

    givingtree89 – Very nicely played. You’re doing a great job on Melody A, and it seems like you’re still working on getting to where you can play Melody B with as steady of a tempo. You’re doing great, just a bit of memorization or looking ahead on Melody B and you’ve got this. Keep it up!


    Thank, Stephen! I’ll definitely work longer with the metronome on this. It’s a new ukulele and I’m enjoying the sound and the piece.



    Andrew, I am stunned to see my performances being published. Thank you so very much!! I am speechless. I thought only the good ones would be selected. I see myself as a spectator all along. It has definitely boost up my confidence 🙂

    I feel so satisfying and encouraged. I am so lucky to have found Rockclass101 and have you as my mentor. Thank YOU, Andrew :))


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