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    @jlbross – Excellent duet, Jennifer! Playing and timing sounds great! Only a couple of things I want to point out. The fourth note in the first theme, you fretted the 1st fret of string 2 but hit the open C each time. I’d target your practice there so that you pluck the correct string.

    Also in the first theme, there’s some partial barres. I noticed that you’re hugging the neck to fret these. Try to adjust your hand so that it looks like the barre chord form we recommend here. This should also help increase your dexterity when playing the melody notes before and after the barres.

    – Playing sounds great Sam! Just make sure you rest at the end of each theme for a quarter note before starting the next theme.

    For timing, I’d recommend playing along with the harmony track with the metronome on throughout. Tap your foot as you go along and try to focus more so on the click than what the harmony is doing. I’ll email you this play-along track. I bounced it so that the click is louder than the harmony 🙂

    – Loved the story and great playing, Leslie! Only thing I’m hearing is that there’s a few notes with a bit of buzz, so just make sure you are keeping finger pressure held down and you’re pressing near the metal fret closes to the sound hole like Matt shows in this video.


    Hi Rockclass

    I am a premium member.
    This is my entry for June. I enjoyed learning this familiar melody very much. Thank you Rockclass!




    My best attempt at In the Hall of the Mountain King.


    Thanks for the feedback Andrew! I’ll check out the email and revert back there.


    Thanks Andrew! It’s been a lot of fun. See you in the fall for the next set of challenges!



    This month I tried Nessun Dorma. It was interesting and challenging putting the whistling solo with the accompaniment —

    I am a premium member



    Here’s my take of “March of the Toreadors”. I watched the opera Carmen earlier this year, so I was so excited to learn this song from it. Thanks for the arrangements and teaching! I can only play at ~80% speed so far, and this is the take with least mistakes…



    Here is In the Hall of the Mountain King

    Note: In the video, Tiffany thinks it was the first try and I think it was the third. It turns out we were both wrong. It was the second!

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    @barbecueblack – Excellent performance! Keep working on the bars with the 16th note triplets, those are the toughest ones! Everything else was bravissimo 🙂

    – Awesome performance, Sue! Only thing I’d say as you continue to practice is to play along with a metronome or the tab player. Either will help tighten timing.

    – Perfect performance, well done!

    – Wow, Linda! Such a beautiful and impressive performance! I’m going to send this to Ashley, I’m sure she’ll love it 🙂

    – Bravo! Amazing job on the timing. And great feel throughout! The one technique I want you to work on is hammer-ons & pull-offs. It looks and sounds like you’re not connecting, in other words following through. You know how they say in baseball that when you hit the ball you don’t stop swinging. Same thing here.

    The goal for this technique is three fold. One, to cut down on the work of the right hand (less picking). Two, to achieve a different timbre of the notes. Three, for the notes to ring out at the same volume as if picked.

    The latter is what I want you to work on. Check out this lesson. It’ll cover the fundamentals. For H/O, make sure you’re coming down with enough force to get both notes to ring at an equal volume as if picked. For P/O, make sure when you’re pulling off that you’re tugging the string slightly down, not just lifting directly up.

    – That was awesome y’all! I love it 🙂


    Thanks Andrew! It was fascinating to work on. If I were performing normally, I’d have simplified the accompaniment especially on the long high notes since it’s hard to self-accompany using complex accompaniment and still solo fluidly. However it was fun fitting in the accompaniment.



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    It has been a difficult month. I’ve been battling COVID for most of the month and have not gotten the practice time needed. I chose La Donna e mobile. Really fun though my performance does not show it. This is one I want to continue with and have in my everyday list of tunes. It is that fun. Hopefully I’ll improve on it. @andrew I tried to be aware of my left hand and not tug on the strings too much. Thought I had improved but watching myself, I am still pulling on them, will continue working on that. Anyone else who has had this issue, I would love to hear how you fixed it. Here is my video


    I am a proud premium member


    Premium member

    Over my head again. Every time I turn the camera on I freeze up. With the camera off, I don’t do too bad at about 80% of the suggested tempo. I’ve probably attempted to record 100 times but it’s not going to get any better than this lol.



    Here’s my crack at La Donna è mobile.
    Great arrangement, fun to play…when I play it right.


    @ldarrow – Beautiful performance, Linda! Your progress has been truly amazing for less than 2 years of playing! Def keep up the great work!

    For the string tugging, you might be in the midst of undoing a bad habit. Therefore you’ll have to work hard and be cognitive of how you are fretting while playing.

    Try taking a part of this song and simplifying it so you can practice on not tugging when switching from chord to chord. For example:

    – Bravo Rickey and I love the video!

    – Way to go Mark!! I’ve heard some big improvement in your playing this year. It’s been very inspiring to watch!

    The best advice I can give as you continue practicing is to work on 4 or 8 bar sections at a time. Focus on timing, note clarity, and feel. Don’t worry too much about speed. 80% or slower is cool. The other areas are more important.

    I think you have a really good base established for this tune. So you just want to hone in and chisel it to perfection.

    – Awesome performance, Tim! Excellent feel throughout! And you know you rocked it when that smile pops out at the end 🙂

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