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    I skipped last month and broke my nine month streak so I’m going to have to start all over again now! Here’s Jurassic Park as my entry for this month. 🙂


    I messed up the end a little bit, but I have run out of time for this months challenge and it just wouldn’t be right to not try on a David Bowie influenced song! I love this tune and I learned it a while back, but revisited it for this month. I think maybe Bowie is Shushing me in the background but I did my best!
    I didn’t quite reach my goal of uploading all four songs, but i do plan on trying to learn the godfather in the future regardless 🙂

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    Movies AND Ukulele! Two of my most favorite things! Here is my March submission of The Godfather. I loved learning this song and now want to binge all 3 movies (again). I did a million takes yet hesitated and flubbed at different points each take. One of my goals was to play by memory, even with the record button pushed (which can cause my mind to go blank and my fingers to forget what to do). I am also trying to improve my tone and sustain.

    Thanks again for the great lesson. I am looking forward to viewing everyone’s submissions.

    I hope everyone is doing well. Think Spring!

    Take care,


    Recorded this a few times and this was the best. Was more focused on just hitting the notes than trying to add feeling to them, but something to keep working on.


    I had initially decided to sit out this challenge, but after listening to everyone’s beautiful entries, I thought I’d join in with only a few days to go. Given that I only had a few days to learn it, my only option was Jurassic Park. Good thing I really like the arrangement.


    Hi everybody.
    Here’s my March entry with Into the Maze. What a beautiful piece.


    Thanks Andrew and Steven, beautiful arrangement! Wish I could have gotten a recording where I didnt jack up the pull off but alas


    For this months challenge I played the Explorer. I had already started on it prior to the challenge so I spent a lot of time cleaning up notes and working to reduce string noise.



    What a great arrangement!

    It was really difficult though. Had a hard time with a few of the chords and transitions.

    I couldn’t figure out how Steven managed that Cm chord with three fingers though – no matter what I did, I couldn’t get all three fingers on there and get the A string to ring out, so I had to change it up….

    Really fun, and will definitely keep working on this one!

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    Close call


    I actually wasn’t going to do the challenge this month either, but thought I’d give Jurassic Park a go. It sounds pretty. So I started last week to work on it. I needed more time but I recorded on my lunch break from work today, But forgot to upload it when I got home. Then I uploaded from my phone but apparently I wasn’t logged in so it didn’t go through and then I just barely made it by midnight (9 pm here) when I logged in and loaded it again!
    A Section, surprisingly, gave me more problems than the other sections.


    Here’s everyone on page 6 I hadn’t gotten to.

    ldarrow – Playing sounds great! My only suggestion is to keep the timing for the first melody a little bit more steady.

    nthibode – Bravo! Excellent playing with such great feel 🙂

    lynnzo – I thought your playing sounded nice and relaxed. I’m not hearing any stiffness. What I would suggest working on is the timing of the first melody. The first part is a little rushed. Try playing along with Matt in the tab player. Other than that it was excellent!

    leslieb – Great job! While watching and listening to your performance, I noticed that the last melody had a beautiful flow to it. Whereas the first couple melodies seems like you were referencing the sheet music in between playing. Let me know if I’m correct.

    But if I am, I’d recommend memorizing those sections. So you can put your full focus into playing just like I’m hearing you do in that last melody.

    andyrose – Excellent job, Andy! Only thing I’d suggest is to lighten your thumb attack for a softer strum sound, as well as, the picking attack in the last melody. Keep up the great work!


    @lbilkie – BIG improvement in timing, flow and feel. I’m impressed!! I can tell you put a lotta work into getting it here. Great job!


    Thank you for the encouragement, @Andrew. This was a beautiful arrangement and fun to play. I’m excited about this month’s Classical genre. Rock Class 101 has been essential to my learning the uke.


    Here’s everyone on page 7.

    tules14 – Playing sounded excellent and great job on the timing! Only thing I’d suggest working on is cleaning up some of the buzzy notes and chords that did not ring out completely. Most of this can be fixed by making sure you keep finger pressure held down throughout the entire notes duration.

    P.S. I can’t believe you’ve only been playing for 5 months! It sounds like you’ve been at it for much longer. Keep up the good work!

    janne__ – Beautiful performance played with excellent feel!

    morrieuke1 – Excellent take this month and love harmonics at the end!

    qiuyan -You played it beautifully! Keep working on the B melody and watch the timing a little bit. Overall it was excellent!

    themccoys – Bravo, Tim! This is the best performance I’ve heard from you to date! Here’s what I would do as you continue to practice. There’s a couple spots where timing gets a little loose, for example bar 5 and 6 in the A melody.

    I want you to take 4 bars at a time and play along to Steven’s performance in the tab player. His playing will act as a guide to help keep you locked into the timing. Do small sections like this at a time.

    In essence, we’re just refining what you’ve already got which is really really good!

    akukes73 – Wonderful playing! There’s a couple spots where the rhythm is incorrect. For example, the bar before the B Melody starts out with quarter notes, which you played as 8ths. Double check that and the B melody, because I’m hearing similar mistakes there. Other than that it was excellent!

    Catherine – Great job and that uke sounds nice!! So I’d recommend the same advice I gave @themccoys above. Which is to work on timing and one of the the best ways to do that is to play along with the tab player 🙂

    richard_siegert – Great performance! Excellent job with getting the sustain of each note and chord to ring beautifully.

    biancak – Beautiful take! Keep up the great work 🙂

    yukalele – Here’s a video I made last year to help another member out. Additionally, here is another lesson and one more covering this topic that I recommend reviewing.

    Great job on the tune! Watching your performance, I can see that you are hugging the neck while playing. That’s going to limit the mobility and dexterity in your left hand. Check out the lessons I linked above and let me know if you have any questions.

    jbmills07 – That was awesome! I’m impressed, really good job! Only thing I’d say is to speed up the ending lick of that first melody.

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