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    Here’s everyone on page 8.

    sarahd – Beautifully played! Keep up the good work 🙂

    – Nice job on this tune too! Try to lighten up your picking attack to get a softer, sweeter tone.

    karenj – Great job, Karen! Watch out for the timing in the bar before the B melody. It starts out with two quarter notes. Other than that, keep working on the B Melody. Overall, you played it really well 🙂

    mac1984 – That was really well played and I thought you did a great job with expressing feel in your playing. Only suggestion is to get that B Melody memorized so you can put your full concentration in performing that section.

    robinboyd – You aced the feel and flow of the piece. Well done, Robin!

    mademoiselleannette – Beautiful performance! My only suggestion is to play it a little bit slower. But that’s a preference more so than a suggestion lol.

    kirpuff – Beautifully played, Sara! Just target those notes that you want to touch up. But it was fantastic overall!

    sarrafina – Here’s my feedback for you and the lesson I referenced 🙂

    uku241 – LOL @ the intro! Playing sounded great and your adaption for that chord works. Only thing I’d say is to target your practice to the opening bars of the B melody. Keep up the great work!

    maryjanew – Good job, MJ! I think you have a good base established, just needs more practice time. You were so close, but unfortunately you missed the deadline by 1 minute 🙁


    Thank you very much, Andrew, for your feedback! Will work on improving my timing.




    WOW! We had 65 members participate this month! This challenge was a lot of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed watching everyone’s performances. Bravo to each of you who participated! Everyone did an amazing job!

    This month’s prize was ANY ukulele valued at $250 or under from Uke Republic. So without further ado, the winner is:




    Our April Challenge is LIVE:

    The theme is Classic Songs and it’s your first chance to WIN a $6,000 Kanile’a Platinum Ukulele! Hope to see everyone in the challenge! 🙂


    @andrew thanks for your suggestions on part 1. I was trying to make sure I did not rush the beginning as I feel that part is one where best kept slow. I watched my video and do think in my attempt to have a slow sweet sound, I sacrificed the timing. I’ll try to correct that timing issue. Your comments are always so on point and helpful. Thank you



    I can’t thank you enough for this feedback. I have spent the morning going through your lesson and videos.

    I seem to have acquired quite a few bad habits, but by concentrating of the correct positioning of the Uke and my hands, I can already feel an improvement, but it’s hard work breaking the old habits.

    Now, when I look at you and your team playing I actually can see what you are talking about and where I’m going wrong. Never thought about it before…

    Thank you for your individual attention. Awesome.


    Wow! Thanks for the compliment Andrew and as always thank you for the advice.


    @andrew thank you for the feedback! This makes total sense to use the tab player and break it into sections to learn before picking up the tempo. I’ll give that a try!


    My pleasure! Thanks y’all 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 121 through 128 (of 128 total)
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