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    @mfaske – thanks for the explanation! I’ll go with the end comment, ignore it lol 🙂


    Ignore is good. ha. But now I know it is a Line SEParator.


    Thank you for the kind words Andrew!
    As always, I’ll keep on polishing the rough bits. 😉

    Also: A lot of great submissions this month!! And a lot of you are harder on yourself than you need be!

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    Thanks for the advice Andrew. The video feedback is really useful as I can see what you mean. I had noticed last month that my pinkie was almost ‘stuck’ on to the ukulele, so this month I was trying to not let it rest as much in the hope it’d help me to play more freely, but on watching back the video it just stuck out instead! So my aim for the December challenge is fix the things like you’ve shown me.


    Andrew, thank you for the feedback. As I listened to my own playback, I evaluated it as “dreadfully slow.” When I was playing it, however, I was attempting to imitate the tempo of that version in the movie “Crazy Rich Asians.” I haven’t tapped it out on a metronome, so that will be next. In any case, thanks for the tutorial and the challenge. I haven’t chosen which song to use for the December challenge, as I like all three!


    Thanks Andrew! The hardest thing was playing the three parts back to back. My fingers got nervous, if that makes any sense. Wish I had had more time for the submission, but I will practice it throughout this month


    Hi Barbecueblack here,
    Sorry to have made the wrong setting for my video link. It is now set to ‘public’.


    @barbecueblack – thank you! I added you to the list and wonderful playing. Keep up the good work 🙂


    Thanks for the feedback Andrew! I didn’t even think about my thumb placement but I’ll make sure to be more aware of it in the future. And I’ll be sure to work on the timing. I do have a bit of a bad habit of speeding up songs.

Viewing 9 posts - 301 through 309 (of 309 total)
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