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    I love the style of playing in these tutorials! Can you also do a tutorial on the West World theme songs? It’s beautiful and amazing. Thank you!



    So, I was thinking the same thing a while ago, and a nice man named Campbell created these tabs for me.

    However, there are 2 issues with them.

    1. The uke does not have enough tonal range to do this properly, even with a low G, so there are a few bits that sound odd. I’m thinking specifically of the second measure.

    2. The actual melody gets really lost in all the harmonies.

    I figured out that I can solve both issues by adapting the tab for my guitarlele and getting my wife to play the melody line on her uke, but I kind of lost impetus half-way through doing this. It’s one of those things that I’ll return to one day.

    In the mean time, I hope the tab is helpful.

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    OK since I know you hate cliche songs here’s one that isn’t so much. (And if it is, cliche be darned!!)

    Goodbye Blue Sky – Pink Floyd

    A fingerstyle arrangement for low G would be amazing and uke-able. WE (I, lol) NEED a good Floyd song…. Please, please, please?

    (See? Pretty. And doesn’t sound too hard.)



    Instead of saying goodbye to Blue Sky let’s say Hello, Mr. Blue Sky. Always a pick-me-up whenever I hear it. When I get really good at strumming, I might give this a try and I’ll change the lyric to “Hey there, Mr. Drew” ha



    Ricky- NO! NOT instead of! 😱 I’m learning so many obscure songs I don’t know already! And The Wall is as classic as any Beatles song! Don’t be hating on my request because it’s powerful. 😂 (Or I’ll change Dream back to Spanish on you! LOL!)



    Love The Wall. Love Another Brick in the Wall. My last Pink Floyd album was on 8 track? If you change Dream back to Espanol then I’ll make lemonade from lemons and I’ll add Castanets to my part. LOL……nobody knows what we’re talking about.



    How about Tranz by The Gorillaz, or Big Iron by Marty Robins?



    Hi Andrew. More Taimane songs please.

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