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    annemarie – Here’s my feedback for you. And here’s the lesson I referenced.

    qiuyan – Well done, Qiuyan! Excellent job on the pace of the piece and I love the arpeggiated plucks. Keep up the great work!

    andrewvh – Well done, Andrew! Timing & feel is spot on 🙂

    lisadmh – Performance sounds great! From what I can see for the barre chords, it looks like you are pushing too hard. So it’s like a clothes pin, the thumb and the index push inwards together. Only push hard enough to get the notes to ring clear. So experiment with how much pressure you need to accomplish that.

    coffeemug – Playing wise, it was great overall! I know Steven’s lesson touched on rubato, which works great for this song.

    But the key to rubato is how you use it. If you listen to the first section of your performance, it has a slow and elegant feel to it.

    At 44 seconds, you kick off into the next section. And you can hear that it sounds rather rushed compared to the first.

    So when you listen back to performances, that’s the thing that I would be keeping an ear on. Which is: how does the section or phrase connect to the one before and/or after.

    amaddi – Sounds great! The only suggestion I have is to slow the tempo down a little bit. It’ll allow the music to breathe more.

    terryfallon3 – Here’s my feedback for you. And here’s the lesson I referenced.

    turkgoose – Bravo, great performance!

    brettboy – Sounds great with the guitar! Keep working on the B Melody so you can get it a little bit cleaner.

    ukandoit – Love the reverb, tone sounds great! And of course a lot of that is due to your performance 😉 Well done, Matthieu!


    Thank you, Andrew, for the very helpful feedback! Memorization has always been something I struggle with. I’ll definitely look at the past lesson you referred to in order to make some changes!


    Thanks Andrew. If I don’t squeeze as hard as I possibly can, I get dead strings, which is all that much more obvious with the arpeggiated pluck. I think I need to lift finger weights to build strength.


    My attempt at Andrew’s masterpiece…


    @samash07 – Sounds great, Sam! I would just work on the transitions, so you don’t have pauses. Keep up the great work!


    Not perfect, but this piece was quite a challenge for me. And as addon today I suffered from red light fever.🙈


    @Brettboy – I really like what you did. What did you use to do the two videos?

    With all your provisos @Ukandoit you did a great job!


    Thanks! @lyndallk! I recorded the videos with my phone. first the guitar, then I listened to that while I made a video of the uke. I used imovie and it was very tricky to get the two videos to sync up and I’m certain they’re still not exactly in sync… just as close as i could get them and still be happy with the video. imovie lets you do “picture in picture” with two videos. let me know if you have any other questions 🙂


    My attempt…

    Melody B repeated several times can send me into a meditative state 😅

    I’m a premium member.

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    Nice sound @biancak what uke are you playing?what brand size😌


    Thanks 😊
    It’s a Kala Butterfly. Soprano so limited to 12 frets which makes it challenging sometimes… Changed strings to Martin Nylon standard ones as I find they give a nicer tone to classical style finger picking pieces.
    (On the “strumming uke” I have Aquila Nylgut strings.)


    Thanks for the feedback, Andrew. Yep, I was going for the rubato. I guess I went overboard.


    @andrew thank you for the feedback!


    Andrew, Thanks for your encouraging feedback, even though my version didn’t deserve it. I’ve been following your suggestion and have been amazed to learn that my fingers actually will learn a note pattern without the interference of thought. So that’s how it’s done… I’ll apply that tactic of breaking songs into segments – which I know you’ve said often in lessons but I didn’t use – when I practice. Thanks and I’ll be listening.


    Hi Andrew!!!! I tried playing Into the Maze and this is my first video to this month’s challenge.
    Can you please share some tips on how can I improve my playing ??😊😊😊

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