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    That wasn’t a harmonic btw. (I know right?!) That last note was just the g note on the 10th fret of the A string.

    That particular note is the one this uke resonates to. The harmonics are pretty juicy but that g just makes the uke resonate and vibrate like crazy and it and just all out SINGS that g with everything it’s got. TT likes the 12th fret A note too but not as much as that particular g. Since Red is the Rose is in g I couldn’t help it. It had finally ended it’s journey I needed to let it sing it’s g! 😁



    Very nice @stianukulele! love the U-Bass you added!



    Hi everyone!

    Here is my submission for the March challenge. I’ve learned “Red is the Rose” which I absolutely loved to learn and loved it even more to play. I remember I tried to learn it about 4 months ago and I couldn’t follow the lesson as it seemed to difficult. Now I tried again for this challenge and it felt much easier! 🙂

    For this month’s submission I’m going to post two Videos:

    – In the first one I’m playing with my friend @robins57 while she is playing the harmony on the harp.

    – In the second video I’m playing at Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia, Canada. I started my travels with my boyfriend around North America here last June (where I met @robins57 btw). Now I came back here before we go home to Switzerland. It was difficult to find a spot where it wasn’t too windy, so I apologise for the video quality.



    The harp is FANTASTIC!!!!



    Steeny, that was so nice and great Nova Scotia background. Sorry to see you leave North America but I’m sure you and Jan are itching to get back home.



    You sound fabulous at Peggy’s Cove, even with the wind. It was so inspiring to work with you– you play so beautifully and also you work really hard! Music is in your soul.



    I choose to do Red is the Rose for this month. thanks to rockclass 101 for doing these competitions, I love doing these and I hope I can win. So, here’s my video:



    @stianukulele — that was an awesome performance and @stinyuke I loved the ambiance!

    Here’s my attempt at Danny Boy — working on moving from fingerpicking to strumming more smoothly.



    Stianukulele – I missed your entry. That zoom H4N is completely awesome! Looked it up and it looks like a really evil tazer lol. You played rose amazingly too! Hope to hear more.

    Stinyuke and robins57- Amazing duets! Love the scenery you find too.

    Casadot349- Great playing on rose! You have as good a chance as anyone to get picked since it’s random. Good luck! 👍😁

    cncamacho- Really nice on Danny Boy!!!



    Thank you all for the kind words!

    @rickeymike: Yes we look forward to get home, but we defenitely want to come back some day. There is so much to see.

    @robins57: Thank you so much! For me it was very inspiring to work woth you as well! Especially to hear you play on the harp.



    Hi all, this is my version of “Danny Boy”. Love to sing and play together, though not easy for me!



    erino7 – Courtney, that was amazing! It was an honor sharing that in our email and social last week 🙂 I also sent it to Katie, she loved it!

    So there’s only one thing that kind of stuck out a little bit to me, in terms of me offering feedback. So you used a 3 finger approach for fingerpicking, which is totally cool, but if you watch the video, notice how your ring finger sticks straight out. Try to keep it curved in (like your other fingers; and as you can see in the photo). This way it’s always in position to be engaged, which will be ideal for when you tackle a 4 finger pieces.


    deadbuggy – That was awesome, Sara! You aced the first melody, clean playing and a great feel/timing. So I’d turn your focus towards the second melody. Take it a little bit slower and work it up to speed. But overall, awesome job and the tone of your uke is beautiful!

    becky7777 – Beautiful playing! I think your focus should be on transitions. So when I listen back, I hear quite a few pauses between phrases. Target these areas and practice transitioning from one phrase to the next. But bravo on this, keep up the great work!

    gstriph – Here is a video with a couple tips on timing for you 🙂

    stianukulele – Wow! That was beautiful and I love the bass! Very well done 🙂

    stinyuke – Bravo to you and Robin! Absolutely gorgeous rendition. I will definitely be sharing this in our email on Friday 🙂

    casadot349 – Bravo! Here are 2 lessons I want you to check out. And I made a short video for you too 🙂

    1) Proper Left Hand Form
    2) Proper Right Hand Form

    cncamacho – Well done! So for the Chord Melody intro, I’d focus on getting the transitions from one phrase to the next, as well as the timing, a little smoother. So what you want to do is just slow it down and play along with either the metronome or the tab player. Work on one or two bars at a time.

    And I know you know exactly how to practice because the finger-picked vocal part was excellent. Great timing in that section! So a little bit more work for the first part and you’ll be rocking it!

    hotmilktea – Very impressive! Playing wise, that rocked! I don’t have any suggestions for improvement there. Vocal wise, it was a bit pitchy on those high notes. I don’t sing, so I’m not really sure what you should be working on other than suggesting ear training. But I’ll send this to Katie and I’m sure she can provide something more constructive for you.



    Many thanks, Andrew. And thank you for mentioning the tone of the uke — I think I’ve finally found the right kind of strings for this particular uke; Ddarrios seem to combine really well with the solid cedar top/laminate ziracote. Plus I assume the cedar top is really starting to open up.

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    Andrew – thanks! I’m still at the stage where I’m focused on remembering the next notes and getting them out and I think I totally missed the 1/16ths and the change in rhythm. I’m amazed at how you pick up so many things on everyone’s videos (where they just sound good to me LOL).



    Red is the rose

    Loved all the songs, but this one was definitely my favorite to play

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