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    Here is my attempt at Malagueña. I will need to practice a lot more, but I don’t have any more time. So sorry!


    a more entertaining version of ‘ain’t no sunshine’


    Hi Uke Friends! I learned Ain’t No Sunshine this month. What a beautiful song and a great arrangement. Here I am trying to do it justice with the backing track 🙂


    I AM A PREMIUM MEMBER – Beginner level

    I’m not happy with my performance here, but my schedule won’t allow for me to record it again later this week. For some reason with this song in particular, the quality of my playing it varies greatly from day to day…today wasn’t a good day, but hope you’ll accept it as an entry into the challenge.

    It has been 35 years since I’ve played Malagueña on the guitar, but I love flamenco, so was happy that this was one of the choices this month. After all these years, I may be confusing it with another flamenco song I used to play, but I believe the arrangement I played on the guitar had some additional elements. Although I included everything in Andrew’s arrangement, I hope you’ll allow me the license…I added a short riff between measures 70 & 71. I’d be interested in your critique.

    Recording these monthly challenges has been great for me because I don’t know that I’d be aware of some of the things I need to improve upon otherwise. For instance, in this video, I see that I was getting a lot of buzzing because I’m pulling on the C string instead of placing my fingers straight down behind the fret. I wouldn’t have realized that but for critiquing my own video — thank you!


    DARN GOOD, Kkas. But darn it may have been my computer but the sound was a second or so ahead of your strokes. Maybe if I go directly to youtube to watch, it will sync……….


    Brett, you never cease to amaze! And the beer break was priceless.


    gstriph and slr4chums – Major Kudos!


    This one was a little beyond my skill level but it really spoke to me so I decided to challenge myself this month. I had such a great time working on it.

    Here’s my version of Pineapple Uke Blues.



    Darn good, Jonathan. I think you have increased your skill level!


    Hi RockClass101,

    I really liked the “Out In The North” by Tobias Elof, and thought I would give it a try on my low G ukulele. It’s definitely really catchy, and I quite enjoy practicing it.

    I wasn’t sure if the repetitions were needed for the monthly challenge, but I’ve recorded myself playing what was at the end of the tutorial video (easy chord melody version with no repeats).

    The feed back from last month was much appreciated, thanks for all you do!


    I am a premium member. Here is my submission for the May 2020 Member Challenge: Erinding/Out in the North.


    No, rickymike, something happened when I uploaded the video to YouTube, I think. Perhaps during its formatting or compression process, the audio delay resulted. This has never happened before, but I think the entire audio is there at any rate.


    Lol @brettboy. I’m assuming you got through that without too many takes. That beer break would not have worked for me with the number of takes I need. Fab performance!

    Great job everyone. Keep them coming!


    Here’s everyone on page 13.


    oldan_ – well done! The only thing playing wise I’d suggest is to work on connecting all the phrases while keeping the tempo steady.

    One of the things that I think is making some transitions difficult for you (like the double stop walk up in measure 4) is your left hand form. We talked about thumb placement in the video review of your performance for Canon in D.

    I can’t stress enough how important it is that you correct the placement of your thumb. This should be your number one focus as it will drastically increase your left hand dexterity. Check out this lesson for correct placement guidance.

    barbecueblack – Great job! What I suggest is to slow the tempo down and focus on increasing sustain in both melodies. Check out this feedback that I left for @mark1256 the other day. It touches on this concept.

    rickeymike – Awesome job, Rickey! I can hear that you are improving and that makes me so happy 🙂

    Pro tip, don’t forget to tune before you record. Playing wise, I’ve got nothing new for you as I want you to keep doing what you’re doing, it’s working!

    One thing that you can add is a pull-off every time you have 0 to 1 on the E string (both melodies). This gives you one more technique to incorporate in this tune. Which by the way, your slide sounds great in the B Melody!

    marianne – Great playing! So I have a few comments. First, I’d dial the reverb back. The trick with reverb is always: Less is more.

    In regards to your left hand, you want to bring your thumb down so that it’s slightly above the center of the neck instead of sticking out above the neck as it currently is. Proper form will increase your left hand dexterity. Check out this lesson for correct placement guidance.

    Lastly, I’d work on your timing. Try playing along with a metronome or if you become a premium member, you’ll be able to use the on-screen tab viewer to play along with Tobias 🙂

    jedart – Great job! I thought you did really well with getting everything to sustain, which is a big takeaway of this tune.

    What I suggest is to memorize the piece and focus on four bar sections at a time. Apply the three steps from our practice guide to each section and master one before moving on or connecting multiple sections.

    ukulelee – Well done! Timing and sustain both sound great. I’d start working on building speed. Push yourself to go 5 or 10 bpm faster. When you get comfortable at that speed, bump it up again.

    dryossi – Well done and awesome job on the solo! My advice for you is to use the same practicing approach I recommended above for @jedart. But I’d also recommend playing along with the tab player. You’ll be able to loop the four bar sections and my playing will act as a guide to help you stay locked into the groove.

    And don’t forget to add “I am a premium member” for next month’s challenge 🙂

    gstriph – Here is my feedback for you 🙂

    slr4chums – Hey Sue, sorry for the posting issue! If you post more than one link, the forum automatically puts it into the spam folder for me to approve. I wish I could change that or set a limit, but it doesn’t let me 🙁

    I thought your playing was great and the ending was pretty funny! I think if you played along with Tobias in the tab player, it would smooth out some of the timing issues I’m hearing. Which are very minor, by the way. But, his playing will act as a guide and keep you locked into the groove.

    And I’m happy you joined us for your first challenge. Hope you join us again next month!


    turkgoose – That was a very good take! The only suggestion I have is to target your practice on Theme 2. Keep up the great work, that was excellent!

    brettboy – I got a kick out of the 1 minute mark 😉 Killer job on the rhythm, Brett! You’re locked into the groove the entire time.

    I dig the poetic license used in changing up some of the licks for the first half of the solo. It’s really cool to see you guys take it and make it your own. Well done!

    kkaszuba – Well done, Karl! Your riff is super cool and perfectly fits the vibe of the piece, but I would put it at the very end of the arrangement instead of in the middle of the last theme.

    So I think you’ve got a great base established, but I would suggest breaking this piece into sections and mastering each section before attempting the entire piece.

    This song is comprised of 4 bar phrases that define an entire section. Apply the three steps from our practice guide to each section and master one before moving on or connecting multiple sections. Watch your timing as well.

    jonathan_gabel – Here’s my feedback for you 🙂

    brightwing – I thought you did a great job! Pretty cool change to tie the & of 4 into beat 1 on bar 2. The only change I would make is to sustain the first hit of Melody B instead of cutting it short. Keep up the great work!

    rockmyuke – Here’s my feedback for you and here’s the lesson I referenced.

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