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    Happy Memorial Day 🇺🇸! I’ve got my Ahi Tuna seared and the Baby Back ribs are smoked. Then I recorded my video!
    Ok Andrew! I got my video in before the evening deadline!
    I would have liked to try Jump, it has some really cool riffs in it, but it is just beyond my abilities and time I have to practice! I almost did not work on any song but I wanted to post this month.
    So I chose Smoke on the Water and started learning last week. It’s a blast! I pretty much have it memorized but my fingers were having trouble with the chords in the chorus. They have a mind of their own at times!😜🤙🏼🤘🏻
    I will continue to work on it and I would love to learn the Bass part, also!
    have an awesome Memorial Day. Remembering our fallen soldiers 🥰😭
    -Mary Jane


    I am a Premium Member. Here is my rendition of Smoke on the Water


    Thank you!! @bomarkt


    Hi everyone,

    Here’s my attempt on Come As You Are.

    I am a beginner and at first, this song seemed daunting to me, but I am quite happy that I was able to make progress in this past month. This is a great challenge and thanks for listening!




    Unfortunately, my practice time was next to none this month so it is not the cleanest I could make it. I did have a lot of fun playing this though because it is one of my neighbors favorite songs so he enjoyed listening to it.


    I am a premium member!

    As always, imperfect attempt but a version of done 🙂 Thanks y’all.





    This might be the latest I’ve ever submitted… but this one truly took the whole month to learn ha! Still a few spots here and there, but I am pretty proud of this take. I will get to that guitar solo one day!



    Hi All,
    Here is my submission of Smoke on the Water. It still needs some work and I look forward to trying it out with an amp some day!


    I make it on time !
    THis month I seriously have to put a lot of practice into it, I still get too tense and pluck super hard the strings sometimes, but it was tons of fun, really rewarding and worth it song to learn, ty Andrew and Evan.




    I am glad I found Rockclass101.
    I am super happy I am able to participate in April and May challenge.
    These challenges are great. I never recorded myself playing before this and as I watch me playing, I get to see and hear what I didn’t before. It’s a great way to learn.
    I can’t wait for the June challenge.

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    Here is everyone on page 7 that has not gotten feedback earlier:

    marianne – You are doing a great job on this one with all of the different techniques and melodies! On the chorus, you are changing the rhythm slightly by adding an extra beat. In measures 19 and 23, listen to the rhythm to get the Am7 strums to be on the upbeat rather than on the down beat. Once you get this rhythm down, the song will flow smoother. You’re doing great, keep it up!

    mademoiselleannette – I like that you made the metal sign near the beginning, that was perfect! You’ve got the notes down and are doing a good job with the rhythm, now it’s time to develop your strumming technique a bit more. This arrangement has some fast strums that really requires the ability to strum 16th notes at this speed in order to reset your hand for all of the down strums. One way you can develop this is just by strumming 8th notes up and down (dudududu)starting at 120 beats per minute and working gradually up to a faster speed (240 bpm) so that your hand is used to moving this fast with control. You’re off to a great start! This takes time to develop, but it’s worth it!

    lhamilton – You are playing this one well over all. You understand the rhythms and you know the notes. My main suggestion is to focus on how you’re strumming the part at measure 18. In order to play this part faster, use small controlled wrist motions. You can also use the “triplet strum” technique if that is easier. If you watch how Andrew does it, the way he is holding the ukulele with his wrist more straightened allows him to use a bit more of the arm to aid him in the strum rather than relying on the wrist joint. Once you figure out a way to get that part up to speed, you’ve got it! You’re doing great!

    timolnz – You’ve got the notes down, and every note sounds clear! Now it’s time to tighten up the rhythm a bit in the intro and in measure 12. In measure 12, you are adding a slight hesitation from the first strum to the 2nd. Then at the very beginning, try playing this part to a metronome to keep each note in time. Once you get the timing here, the song will flow smoother. You’re doing great, keep it up!

    richard_siegert – The strumming is sounding good, you have a nice relaxed feel with the right hand that helps that section flow smoothly. The main thing to work on now is the transition from the fingerpicking part to the strumming section and back without hesitating. I would practice playing one repeat of the intro and going right to the strumming with a metronome at a slightly slower speed to work on getting the transition in time. Then you can bring the song back up to the speed you are currently playing at. Keep up the great work!

    johanna2509 – Awesome job on this one! I think you’re doing a great job with the barre chord, and you have a great feel in spite of that chord. The main thing to work on is not hesitating when moving from the fingerpicking to the strummed section. Try playing along with a metronome to get that transition smoother, and then you’re all set!

    henri0 – That was great, and you played it very fast! My only suggestion is to work a bit more on the fast lick at 0:57. I would rather play the whole song a touch slower and really nail those hard spots with a clear sound. Excellent job getting this one down!

    gstriph – You have the notes down and did a great job working through the piece! Now you are ready to add a metronome or play along to Matt using the Tab Play Along at 70% speed. Once you have an aid to help you with the rhythm, I think you’ll start to internalize the groove. Keep up the great work!

    bemarlie – You are off to a great start on this tough piece! One small tweak to make on the intro is to make sure you are only moving from the 7th fret to the 8th fret halfway through the measure. It sounds like you might be moving up to the 9th fret each time. Aside from this, I think now’s a good time to add a metronome at a slower tempo than you are currently playing this at to get a feel for the timing in certain sections. You could also try the Tab Play Along at 50% speed instead. You’re doing a great job, keep it up!

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    Thanks Andrew for the feedback, but I don’t think I’ve played to bar 15 / 16 (either in Evan’s tab version or your tab version). So I’m a bit confused which bar you are referring to…


    @qiuyan – Check the transition in those 2 bars. They repeat throughout the entire song.


    Thanks for the feedback, Stephen! I’ll definitely work more on that section (I found that part a bit of a challenge).


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