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    @jbmills07 – That was awesome, Justin! I’m sure your grandfather would have loved it 🙂

    2 things to work on as you continue practicing. First, try not to overly tug the strings down when doing the pull-offs. Check out this lesson for more detail on the mechanics. Likewise, try not to pull down on the strings when fretting chords. For ex: 2nd string, 3rd fret at 50 seconds in your performance. Doing that makes the note sound sharp.

    – Beautiful performance, Sara! I will send it to AJ to listen to. I’m sure he’ll love it! 🙂

    – That was a great performance! You nailed the vibe!


    Hi everyone – I’m a premium member
    Here’s my submission for this month – Lacrimosa – few misses – I challenged myself to get some emotion in it, and I’m pretty pleased for the amount of work I’ve done on it. This one may stay in my bag of tricks.
    Thanks Steve for the great arrangement.

    Yes @marlongas – I personally am a musical genius in a room by myself without a record button….


    Thank you @andrew. I could have waited a week to play it better, but I won’t have much more time to play. It’s been so much fun!! Thank you again!!


    @lyndallk I have decided to record myself three times and take the best one. then my hands start to sweat and I have to stop!!!


    @marlongas – It was an awesome performance! I’m gonna feature it in our newsletter today 🙂

    – Wow! That was fantastic, Lyndall. The build up was EPIC! I’d say you did a phenomenal relaying the emotion of the piece.


    @marlongas: congrats!. Your playing is super smooth and the rythmic Accents are superb.
    Bth, another spaniard from asturias here 😀

    @lyndalk: well done! I can feel the emotion in your playing.


    Such amazing playing by everyone so far!

    , couldn’t help but notice that you have four cats??? And they started fighting in the background right at the crescendo of the song. 😅😂😅 It’s odd because they seemed to like Meowzart in your first video…………………… You played wonderfully though!

    Meanwhile, still working on that song myself. Got a good chunk down okayish but the really tricky chords and chord-switching section that starts with measure 7 is taking a bit to learn.


    Thanks @rebeca and Andrew for your wonderful feedback.

    You play really well even with sweaty hands 🙂

    You’d be horrified if you knew how many times I record. And I have to say, I most often choose the first recording after a break as that’s usually the best, and delete the 27 others. Go figure!


    I’m a premium member

    i know that’s not perfect at all but it’s my best record after 20 min ^^

    Now I will work to luigi song 🙂



    This month I went for the Campanella Fingerpicking Etude – what a beautiful tune, especially for this season. I really enjoyed learning it! When I was recording it, it started raining outside which just went perfectly with the spooky yet also calming and cozy vibe of this etude.

    Have a great weekend, and thanks for listening! Rafaela 🙂



    I am a premium member.

    I have always wanted to play a song with backtrack music, and I have finally gotten one that is at my level. Picking a song at the right level is important. Last month, I picked one I like but never was able to play it as it was too challenging 🙂 Traveling for the next 2 weeks so here is what I have.


    I am a premium member.

    Playing slowly with a backing track is so hard for me. My timing is not spot on. It is a fun challenge though.

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    @clempek – Your playing was fantastic! Great feel throughout!

    P.S. Don’t forget to tune up before you hit record 😉

    – Beautifully played, you nailed the haunting vibes 🙂

    The only thing I want to bring to your attention are the 8th note triplets in Melody D. You’re playing those really slow. Try playing along w/ Chris in the tab player. Focus on matching the rhythm.

    – Wow Grace! Your progress from your practice sessions to the performance was incredible! Bravo! Great job on the rhythm and timing 👏

    – That was awesome Lisa! Great playing throughout. As you continue to practice, focus on measure 6. Everything else was rockin’. I’ve said it before, but I’m continually impressed by your progress. Keep up the great work!


    @Andrew : hum yes i shouldn’t leave my daughter play with my uku before recording ^^”


    @andrew If I knew it,I would have recorded it three more times!! Thank you!!

    calla hooo!!!Asturians are everywhere!!and for sure,you play better and smoother than me!! Thank you!!

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