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    @antotonin – Bravo! You played it very well! I’d revisit bar 13 & 14 and work on those a little slower as I’m hearing a few incorrect notes. And also the ending. Those last few bars are tricky with all the chord changes.

    – Excellent rendition and thank you so much for the kind words 🙂

    – What an awesome first video post! Beautiful playing and thank you so much for the kind words!

    – That was a great take, Robin! I hope you feel better soon and a speedy recovery for your finger.

    – Lovely rendition, Andrea! And the B roll of the dreidel was awesome! I’ve enjoyed watching your performances very much this year!

    And thank you so much for your generous donation!



    I had the ‘chop’ part of the song memorized but after the melodic measures, I need more practice. I love the song offering, after all who doesn’t like Chop Sticks right? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE CHANCE TO LEARN AND GROW IN MY MUSIC. Blessings to you and yours for Andrew and team. Good Luck tomorrow! Finger’s crossed I WILL be joining your live stream to find out who the lucky winner is of the Kanile’a, my internet’s been dodgy, we are in a winter-storm here in Northern Indiana.


    I am a premium member.

    This is my submission of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. I loved this arrangement and will keep working on it to smooth it out and pick up the tempo. 🙂

    I wish you all Happy Holidays!

    P.S. I made a donation to the Ukulele Kids Club and sent Andrew an email with the amount.


    I’m a premium member
    Here’s my slow version of Flowers – I hadn’t finished practicing when I got COVID – so it is what it is. I was hoping to do it as a thumb pick piece but that didn’t work out.

    Thanks RC101 for the challenges this year. I look forward to next year.


    @Andrew Thank you for all “tips and tricks” suggestions in this challenge. I really, REALLY appreciate your feedback to become a better UKEplayer, one step on a time 🙂


    @kdeacon7 – Great job, Kelly and thank you so much for the kind words! Keep practicing that second melody and you’ll be rockin’ it soon 🙂

    – Beautifully played, Jane! And TY so much for your generosity!!

    – I am truly impressed with how well you played against all the odds. It’s a testament to how capable a musician you truly are. I hope you feel better soon!

    – My pleasure!


    We’ve SMASHED through our participation goal of 72 members! So I went ahead and made our donation of $500 to The UKC today 🙂

    This means we’ve also SMASHED our fundraising goal and have now raised $2,175 for the charity! AMAZING!

    Let’s set a new goal and go for $2,500!

    P.S. The Kanile’a winner will be announced tomorrow at 12PM EST at the link below:

    Friendly Reminder – The deadline for receiving feedback and an entry into the giveaway is tonight at 11:59 PM EST (check your local time zone).


    Hooray!! 43.5 uke dollars (UD) raised for those little kiddos! That’s so wonderful! 😊❤️💚 Excited to know who wins the kanile’a, too! 😊


    Last Challenge of the year already! Great job All.
    And Happy holidays!

    I tried Chopsticks, but need some practice to get the speed and clarity.

    Premium member

    Looking forward on improving in 2023.



    @hiouke A real nice feel in your playing. Merry Christmas.


    @just-in Enjoyed the variation of your tonal playing. Well played. Merry Christmas.


    @sir_anzalot Holy smokes… a 100% relaxation in your playing. Well played. Merry Christmas.


    @cimarronsailor Hello and Merry Christmas. I listened to both your tunes. This is what I felt in both your tunes. ” I’m doing it to my best ” feeling into your playing. Well done.


    @lynnzo Yep! I felt some very excitement coming off that fretboard with your playing. Merry Christmas.


    Hi everyone!! You all did a great job. I am course submitting on the last day cutting it close. I am a premium member. I didn’t get to practice as much as I liked so I didn’t do all the strumming patterns in the video. Singing with the one in second verse at the same time as playing was just not working. 😄 So here is my version. I tried guys so I hope it still counts as entry ! I wish everyone a very merry Christmas 😊🎄 thanks again for all the lessons

Viewing 15 posts - 166 through 180 (of 207 total)
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