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    I wanted to do Crazy but it’s not a key for me. Here is Stairway to Heaven. I made a few changes for my low G ukulele. Got a number of mistakes but it’s the best recording I’m going to get.


    Here is my submission of Love Me Tender for the July Challenge. I had been working hard on “Danger Zone”. But apart from those lovely 8 bar rests, it was not going to be ready for submission. To challenge myself with this shorter option, I set goals to fully memorize the piece, not look too much at my fingers, and record somewhere fun. This is at the rocky end of Crescent Beach near Portland, Maine.

    Thanks again for the great lessons and all the support from RC101. I’m looking forward to checking out everyone’s submissions.

    And a belated congratulations to brettboy! I would love to see what magic he could make with that Kanile’a!

    Take care,


    @varajas – Excellent performance!

    – Very cool to watch your practice transform into the final version. I thought you did a great job! The one area I would work on is keeping it steady, timing wise. Try practicing with me in the tab player while tapping your foot and/or counting rhythms out loud.

    – Bravo! Brilliant take! The only suggestion I have is to practice the first two licks of theme 2 with me in the tab player. That will help you tighten the timing/phrasing of them. Overall, it was awesome and I loved watching it! And my ego loved the shout out in the video LOL 😂

    – The biggest change is in your feel. You play with so much more emotion in each note. Truly incredible to watch both back to back. Keep up the great work, Debb and have a great vacay!

    – Excellent performance!

    – Another awesome performance, Sam! Question: Have you tried playing it on a larger uke? I feel like this song is easier to play on a tenor since there’s so much chord work. I know you’ve got a cut away, curious if you agree.

    – Here’s my feedback for you 🙂

    – Great performance and such a beautiful backdrop! Playing looks and sounds great, my only suggestion is to keep working on the timing.


    Thanks @Andrew for the detailed feedback. I noticed both the timing issue and the lack of emphasis myself. It’s difficult to play the entire song without issues and after several attempts this was my best recording. I have found that the longer I work at it, the more i fall apart lol. Thanks also for providing the easier chords. I really enjoy play this one.


    My pleasure, Mark!


    @Andrew Thanks!!!! Bringing my soprano travel uke with me camping. Baritone to soprano should be an intriguing change of pace 😆!


    This is CRAZY!

    Ashley, beautiful arrangement. And an even more beautiful vocal.
    Mine is no comparison. Guess A is not my key. Not sure I have one…
    Still, I’m a grateful premium member.



    Thank you for the comments! I do have a Tenor size uke that I bought recently (the cut away one) but it is “high G” so I couldn’t play the song with it unfortunately. I did practice the song with it a couple of times and I agree the chords are easier to play than on my short Soprano one. I changed the G chord on my Soprano for a low G a couple of months ago so I could play Low G songs…but if only I could win a 6000$ low G Tenor somehow, that would be better obviously! 😉



    Here is my July entry. I told myself I would stand up to the challenge of playing and singing at the same time. I messed up the lyrics on this take but aside from the one hammer-on flub, this was my best playing take so here it is. Funny how much you rely on the dots on the fretboard – after having learned the piece, it was hard to capo up.

    Lyrics, intention, chord shapes, transposing – there was a lot for the brain to process, LOL.

    Great arrangement – really had fun with this.

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    @uku241, I used a capo too, but I have little silver removeable stick-on dots that I stick in the spots on the side of the neck to show where the dots would be if I weren’t using a capo (and they’re handy with my ukes that don’t have side dots). I bought a package of the dots at Amazon but suspect they’d be at stationery shops too.



    My Aura Lee (Love Me Tender) entry. Took a while to learn the strum technique Andrew. I like the added emphasis. I need to practice more with it.
    Really love this months entries with CRAZY and STAIRWAY… such talent out there.
    Thanks again Andrew for the variety. P.S. enjoy your summer break in August… I hope to work on Mungo Jerry – In the summertime! Remember that 70’s summer ;} Louisa


    @lhamilton, what a great idea! Thanks for the tip.


    From this hot Italian summer here is Aura Lee.
    Sorry but it was impossible to study a new song in this climate.


    This challenge was quite a journey. LOL Started with the 50s Rock & Blues, then realized that I wouldn’t get it down in one month. Switched to Danger Zone, realized that I would have to record in our holidays, so I thought it too complicated with the backong track. Aura Lee was my last chance. Enjoy!

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